How to Marry the Man of Your Choice


By Margaret Kent

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Before there was The Rules there was the wildly bestselling How to Marry the Man of Your Choice, now revised and updated for a whole new generation of single women.

Presented with intelligence and peppered with just the right amount of humor, HOW TO MARRY THE MAN OF YOUR CHOICE offers women a step-by-step program for making—and then landing—the very best choice in a husband. Topics covered include:
  • How to dress to your advantage
  • How to orchestrate your dates to maximize fun and future potential
  • Dealing with previous marriages and children
  • Enhancing and maintaining the right relationship
  • and more!
Through its use of success stories, do and don’t lists, and an abundance of insightful advice, HOW TO MARRY THE MAN OF YOUR CHOICE will have every wannabe wife walking down the aisle in no time!


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