It’s a story that has never been told — until now. Imagine being sealed into a closed environment for two years — cut off from the outside world with only seven other people — enduring never-ending hunger, severely low levels of oxygen, and extremely difficult relationships. Crew members struggled to survive in Biosphere 2, where they swore nothing would go in or out — no food or water, not even air — all in the name of science. For the first time, biospherian Jane Poynter — who lived and loved in the Biosphere — is ready to share what really happened in there. She takes readers on a riveting, fast-paced trip through shattered lives, scientific discovery, cults, love, fears of insanity, and inspiring human endurance. The eight biospherians who closed themselves into the Biosphere emerged 730 days later — much wiser, thinner, and having done what many had said was impossible.

What's Inside

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Reader Reviews


"What a grand adventure! Jane takes us around the globe, under the sea, and to another world… literally." — Jim Whittaker, First American to climb Mt. Everest
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