How did a kid whose dad lived in the poorhouse become the most successful storyteller in the world?

·         On the morning he was born, he nearly died. 
·         Growing up, he didn’t love to read.  That changed.
·         He worked at a mental hospital in Massachusetts, where he met the singer James Taylor and the poet Robert Lowell.  
·         While he toiled in advertising hell, James wrote the ad jingle line “I’m a Toys ‘R’ Us Kid.”
·         He once watched James Baldwin and Norman Mailer square off to trade punches at a party.
·         He’s only been in love twice.  Both times are amazing.
·         Dolly Parton once sang “Happy Birthday” to James over the phone.  She calls him J.J., for Jimmy James. 
·         Three American presidents have invited him to golf with them. 

How did a boy from small-town New York become the world’s most successful writer? How does he do it? He has always wanted to write the kind of novel that would be read and reread so many times that the binding breaks and the book literally falls apart. As he says, “I’m still working on that one.” 

James Patterson by James Patterson is the most anticipated memoir of 2022.

What's Inside

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James Patterson by the raconteur himself is a tour de force that I recommend to everyone. One of the greatest storytellers of all time, Patterson has led an amazing life and has been stunningly successful on multiple fronts. It brings to mind Hemingway’s A Moveable Feast. I love the pithy, bright anecdotes, and at times his poignant narrative will bring you to tears. You won’t be able to put it down!”—New York Times bestselling author Patricia Cornwell
“The book was damn near addictive. I loved it. Patterson recounts turning points and life-shaping lessons in short, riveting bursts that inform, entertain, and satisfy—then propel you into the next story. What at first appears to be a fun collection of reminiscences begins to reveal clues and insights into a highly productive life well lived. That Patterson guy can write!” —Ron Howard
“As the author of more than two hundred novels James Patterson has shown considerable potential as a writer. He reveals how he is working on that potential in his memoir.  He talks about how he writes, which is educational and reveals a lot of who he is: creative, funny, and odd.  Plus the book is always entertaining.  You will enjoy the read.”
 —Phil Knight, creator of Nike and author of Shoe Dog
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