The French House


By Helen Fripp

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A breathtaking novel of courage and determination, inspired by the true story of the woman who built the world’s greatest champagne house—Veuve Clicquot.

For grieving Nicole Clicquot, saving the vineyards her husband left behind is her one chance to keep a roof over her head and provide a future for her little girl. She ignores the gossips who insist the fields are no place for a woman. But one day, buying fresh croissants at the boulangerie, Nicole is shocked to hear a rumor about her husband. They say he died with a terrible secret. One that brings disgrace on Nicole and turns the whole town against her.

Heartbroken, her reputation in tatters, and full of questions no one can answer, Nicole turns to what she knows best: winemaking. Determined to create a perfect bottle of champagne, she works day and night to carry out her vision. But even that is not enough. To save her home and her daughter from ruin, she must risk everything—including her heart.

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Aug 23, 2022
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Helen Fripp

About the Author

Helen Fripp is fascinated by history and by women who have achieved greatness against all the odds. Her female characters rail against the social constraints of their day and the place and times are sumptuously and lyrically evoked. Most of all, it’s the motivations, flaws, loves and everyday lives of her characters that Helen loves to create, against sweeping historical backdrops.

Helen lives in the Bath, England, but will find any excuse to take off and research a captivating location or person for her next story. She has worked in Paris and lived with her family in a fishing village in Southern France.

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