How to Be Famous

Our Guide to Looking the Part, Playing the Press, and Becoming a Tabloid Fixture


By Heidi Montag

By Spencer Pratt

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Learn how to go from nobody to notorious–from the ubiquitous and controversial stars of the biggest reality show on cable.

From braving the wilds of Los Angeles to the Costa Rican jungle, Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt have learned a thing or two about reality…television, that is. But while dominating the airwaves and tabloid covers every week may look like all fun and mind games, Speidi is here to tell you: becoming wildly famous requires hard work and a no-fail blueprint for success. Now, for the first time ever, Heidi and Spencer invite you behind the scenes as they reveal the ten-step plan that took them from nobodies to notorious! You will:
  • Learn how to say I hate you without opening your mouth–Heidi’s exclusive tutorial
  • Increase your capacity for evil with Spencer’s “Villain-o-meter”
  • Discover why getting and talking about plastic surgery is a must
  • Unlock the secrets of celebrity couple math (e.g. Speidi > Heidi + Spencer)
  • Mesmerize the media with outrageous behavior
  • Bow down to the power of the paparazzi
…and much, much more!

With Heidi and Spencer as your personal coaches, you, too, can transform yourself into a red-carpet-ready superstar!



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We realize this may all seem a bit daunting. We're sure you're sitting there thinking, How can I possibly get famous? Who am I? Don't sweat it. Like any problem, there's always a solution. You just need to break it down into steps. You don't just roll out of bed one day and become Madonna or Angelina Jolie. But you'll get there. The first step on your journey is to do something exactly opposite to what you'll be doing once you succeed. Think about other people before yourself. Yes, we know this sounds crazy. Please forgive us for such an outrageous statement. But allow us to explain.

You can't just walk out onto the street and say "Look at me!" and become famous. And unless you're going to do something like crash-landing a plane in the middle of the Hudson River without hurting a single passenger, you're going to have to take a few baby steps. So start by viewing your surroundings. The easiest way to begin your journey to fame is to find an existing group of moderately famous people and join them. Remember, strength in numbers. Hollywood history is littered with famous gangs. From the Rat Pack to the Brat Pack to the Frat Pack, it's always been easier to get famous in a group of people than it is by yourself.

We're no different. Remember, the girls on our show all started out as friends. Let's see, what can we call a bunch of hot chicks running around LA getting famous just for being on TV . . . We'd like to take this opportunity to coin a phrase… Ladies and Gentlemen, the Cat Pack. That's what the girls were! Each fell into their roll and played it well: the front woman, the sidekick (Heidi), the vixen, and the fashionista. Now, keep in mind this is only stage one, young grasshoppers. It goes without saying that the eventual goal is to break out and take over. Let's be honest. Today, Heidi is the only one of those girls that can now claim to be a front woman (seven Us Weekly covers and counting), a vixen (the only one of them to get her own Maxim and Playboy covers), and a fashionista (her clothing line Heidiwood sold out at Kitson in one day… twice). That's why WE'RE the ones writing the book! We're the Pratt Pack now, people! But we digress.

It's easier to go farther on a moving train than to start one up yourself.

Even Heidi had to start somewhere. When she was asked to be on a reality show starring someone who was ALREADY famous for being on a reality show, it was a no-brainer. The lesson again is that it's easier to go farther on a moving train than to start one up yourself. Why go through all the trouble? But you must learn to smile for the camera before you learn to star in your own show, so let's get back to the baby steps.

You need to take a look at an existing group, figure out what is missing, and fill that void.

You need to take a look at an existing group, figure out what is missing, and fill that void. Each gang of celebs has a few essential roles. You've got the leader, the sidekick, the villain, and the role players. Before you introduce yourself to the world, you have to figure out exactly who it is you're introducing. Bear in mind that the public you and the personal private you aren't necessarily the same person—but you'll find it very difficult to keep up a complete façade your entire life, so we recommend staying somewhat close to your natural personality. Whenever our real friends are asked if we're "really like that," they usually say something along the lines of, "Sort of. You're just seeing magnified versions of them on TV." And that's what your persona or character is. A magnified version of yourself.

The problem of starting out as the star is that there is nowhere to go but down.

Now if you're anything like us, you love being the center of attention, and so you figure you should be the star from day one. That's what we thought at first, too. But this is a typical beginner's mistake. Being the Alpha Dog can be very stressful. Sure, every story begins and ends with you, and all the other players in your universe revolve around you like the planets around the sun. And sure, you make the most money, get the best-looking boyfriend or girlfriend, the most publicity, and the best perks. But being the star also means that you will spend the rest of your life having people gunning for your position. You better grow eyes in the back of your head, because there are people out there who can't wait to betray you.

The other problem of starting out as the star is that there is nowhere to go but down. You're constantly playing defense against people vying for your top-dog status, and it's only a matter of time until you're sacked. For these reasons, we suggest you start out as a sidekick. It allows you the chance to build up your character without the pressures of the star so you can plan your next move. Think of it as the minor leagues of celebrity. You're learning the ropes, playing the game, and when you're ready, you get called up to the big leagues. In order to be a sidekick, though, you need to figure out which kind suits you.


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