The Kids’ Book of Chess and Starter Kit

Learn to Play and Become a Grandmaster! Includes Illustrated Chessboard, Full-Color Instructional Book, and 32 Sturdy 3-D Cardboard Pieces


By Harvey Kidder

Illustrated by George Ermos

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With more than 1 million copies sold, The Kids’ Book of Chess is the bestselling introduction for kids to the game that’s inspired passion and challenge for over 900 years. Now the classic book is revised and re-illustrated, with a complete build-it-yourself beginner’s chess kit included!
The New Yorker said it best: “Harvey Kidder explains the game with a clarity that is almost absolute.” By grounding the fundamentals of how chess works in the game’s origins—the medieval battlefield—Kidder captures chess’s energy and excitement while offering instruction that is direct and concrete. 
From how to set up the board and make your first move to learning the notorious “blitzkrieg”—a lightning-swift mate-in-four—here is the kit with everything you need to learn and play chess, including a set of sturdy, environmentally friendly cardboard pieces you can build in the classic Staunton design, a fabric storage bag, an illustrated chessboard with helpful reminders on how each piece moves, and a revised and re-illustrated 96-page book focusing on the game’s historic origins. The Kids’ Book of Chess and Starter Chess Set has everything a child needs to step away from the screens and start playing the greatest analog game ever created. It’s your move!

Read and approved for accuracy by the US Chess Federation.

  • “Harvey Kidder explains the game with a clarity that is absolute.” —The New Yorker

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Sep 13, 2022
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96 pages

Harvey Kidder

About the Author

Harvey Kidder was a highly-renowned author, artist and illustrator. His popular book, “The Kids’ Book of Chess”, was originally written for his son and has been in print for over thirty years.

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