Spoiled Rotten

Spoiled Rotten

It starts with designer diapers. It extends to extravagant birthday parties, leads to boorish behavior and plummeting grades. What is the problem here? It’s what we are doing to our children by not having the smarts to set boundaries, impose rules, and give them the firm, unwavering guidance they really need.

Finally, someone has written a book to help beleaguered parents take back their homes and their children. With specific tactics, unforgettable one-liners, and dead-on-target advice, Fred Gosman shows you how to:

quit your job as your child’s servant

institute discipline and appropriate punishments for your misbehaving children

deal with tantrums and threats from your children

eliminate the excesses and bad influences that make our children think life is a beach

put a lid on the TV

help your child do better in school.
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Genre: Fiction / Fiction

On Sale: September 1st 1993

Price: $18.99

ISBN-13: 9780446395090

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