Insects Of The Southwest

How to Identify Helpful, Harmful, and Venomous Insects


By Floyd Werner, PhD

By Carl Olson, MS

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Describes more than 120 common varieties of Southwestern insects and arthropods, enabling the reader to appreciate and respect the role “creepy crawlies” play in our world.

Insects of the Southwest provides interesting and important facts and historical information on the many fascinating insects and arthropods that inhabit the Southwest–the region from Southern California through Arizona to Central Texas, and north into Utah, Colorado, and Nevada.

The book introduces both adults and children to the wonders of observation–without ever going more than a few yards from home. It is easy to read and understand.

Drawings and text help you learn about and identify these tiny creatures and know the difference between some of the fearsome-looking-but-harmless bugs and those that are venomous. Plus, you’ll find details about household “pets and pests” and discover which bugs are which.

Learn about the Africanized “killer” bee, spiders and the real pests they eat, the many varieties of cockroaches, crop pests, and “flashy bugs” found in the desert and mountains.


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Oct 22, 1994
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176 pages
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Floyd Werner, PhD

About the Author

Floyd Werner, Ph.D., and Carl Olson, M.S., entomologists at the University of Arizona in Tucson, share their affection for the diversity and necessity of all creatures. They’ll arm us with knowledge to help us appreciate and respect the role insects play as the recyclers in nature and even dispel some of the fears and misconceptions many of us have about the earth’s most numerous inhabitants.

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