The Good Sister


By Drusilla Campbell

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Roxanne Callahan has always been her younger sister’s caretaker. Now married, her happiness is threatened when beautiful and emotionally unstable Simone, suffering from crippling postpartum depression, commits an unforgivable crime for which Roxanne comes to believe she is partially responsible. In the glare of national media attention brought on her sister, Roxanne fights to hold her marriage together as she is drawn back into the pain of her troubled past and relives the fraught relationship she and Simone shared with their narcissistic mother.

At the same time, only she can help Simone’s nine year old daughter, Merell, make sense of the family’s tragedy. Cathartic, lyrical, and unflinchingly honest, The Good Sister is a novel of four generations of women struggling to overcome a legacy of violence, lies and secrecy, ultimately finding strength and courage in their love for each other.


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Oct 1, 2010
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Drusilla Campbell

About the Author

Drusilla Campbell was a best-selling novelist of controversial characters who passed away in 2014.  She was born in Melbourne, Australia, and raised in Los Gatos, California.  After earning a Bachelor of Arts degree from San Jose University, Drusilla spent two years hitch-hiking around the world, stopping in Australia and England to teach school when she ran out of money.  In the early 1970s, Campbell produced and narrated various radio shows for WAMU-FM, a PBS affiliate in Washington, D.C.and simultaneously graduated with honors from American University’s Masters Program in Communication. Her writing career that included seventeen published novels, two of which—Blood Orange and The Good Sister– became nationwide best-sellers.  Campbell taught writing at UCSD Extension and at scores of seminars throughout California.  She was a steadfast instructor at San Diego’s Writing Center from its inception and served as President of the organization.  She was married 45 years to law professor and writer Art Campbell, and helped raise two sons, Rocky and Matthew Campbell, along with assorted birds, cats, hamsters, dogs, and horses.


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