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Growing Up King

An Intimate Memoir

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Jan 7, 2003

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In the bestselling tradition of such family portraits as Brooke Hayward’s Haywire and Christopher Dickey’s Summer of Deliverance comes a disarmingly candid memoir from the youngest son of Martin Luther King, Jr.
Dexter King was only seven when an assassin’s bullet took his father’s life, shattering the boy’s childhood. And as he stumbled into adolescence, both the tragedy and the weight of living up to “the King legacy” would exact an additional toll. Challenged with undiagnosed A.D.D. and rocked once again by his grandmother’s murder, King became emotionally isolated and, in his early 30s, sought answers from an inspiring source: the teachings of Martin Luther King, Jr. Now, in this intimate portrait, Dexter King reveals for the first time what it was like growing up in the shadow of greatness, and how his father’s lessons continue to inspire and inform his own ideas on race in America today.

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