I Remember Running

The Year I Got Everything I Ever Wanted - and ALS


By Darcy Wakefield

Foreword by Jonathan Eig

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A little over a year ago, Darcy Wakefield was a single, 33-year-old athletic, workaholic English professor, a vegetarian who had never had a serious health problem or injury. Then she was diagnosed with ALS, and her world turned upside down. I Remember Running is Darcy’s story of change and loss and challenges during her first year with ALS, as she struggles to make sense of her diagnosis and redefine herself in the face of this terminal illness. With unflagging courage, wit, and eloquence, Darcy shares what she calls her “fast-forward” life, a life in which she applies for disability, leaves her job, and plans her own funeral as well as meets and moves in with her true love, buys a house, and gives birth to her first child in less time than it takes most of us to accomplish even one of these things. Beautifully written and wholly inspiring, I Remember Running proves that it is possible to live a rich, meaningful life after being diagnosed with a terminal illness, and will move readers to see the world in a different light.

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Aug 29, 2006
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208 pages
Da Capo Press

Darcy Wakefield

About the Author

Darcy Wakefield, formerly an English professor at Southern Maine Community College, recieved an MFA in writing from Emerson College as well as an MA in American Studies from SUNY/Buffalo and a BA from Smith. Diagnosed with ALS in 2003, Wakefield lived with her true love, Dr. Steve Stout, and their baby Sam, in Cape Elizabeth, Maine, until her passing in December 2005.

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