Eleven Madison Park: The Plant-Based Chapter

The Plant-Based Chapter

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By Daniel Humm

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An exquisitely produced set of books capturing the transformation of Eleven Madison Park, “one of the most lavishly praised” restaurants in America (New York Times), into the first plant-based kitchen ever to earn three Michelin stars.
For 25 years, Eleven Madison Park has opened the eyes of diners to the exquisite possibilities inside ingredients. But when visionary chef Daniel Humm announced in 2021 that he would pursue a new, plant-based mission, it made international headlines. Today, Eleven Madison Park is the first and only plant-based restaurant in the world to have been awarded three Michelin stars.

Now, in this beautiful limited-edition set of books, Chef Humm invites you behind the scenes of the restaurant's extraordinary transformation to plant-based cooking. It is an inspiring, revelatory look inside the mind of one of the world’s most dynamic chefs, showing how he and his team create their magic.
This slipcased set is bound in cloth, hand-numbered, and signed by Chef Humm. It contains three components:
  • Recipes: A book containing the fully detailed recipes for Eleven Madison Park’s groundbreaking seasonal menus—including observations from the kitchen team, photography by Francesco Tonelli, and paintings by Francesco Clemente.
  • Drawings: A portfolio containing a letter from Chef Humm and six illustrations drawn from his recipe-inspiration workbooks, printed on fine watercolor paper.
  • Backstage: A work of photojournalism by photographer Ye Fan, who was granted unprecedented full access to Eleven Madison Park from the pandemic through its reopening.
This edition is limited to 11,000 copies. Its publication is a landmark event in the history of fine dining and cookbook publishing. Never before has such an influential kitchen been documented in this way.


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Nov 12, 2024
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400 pages

Daniel Humm

About the Author

Daniel Humm began his chef’s training at 14 in his homeland of Switzerland. There, he earned a Michelin Star while in his first Executive chef position at Gasthaus zum Gupf in the Swiss Alps. In 2003 he moved to the United States to work at Campton Place, where he received many awards, including a nomination for Rising Star Chef by the James Beard Foundation. He has been Executive Chef of Eleven Madison Park since 2006.

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