I Bet You Think This Book Is About You

How to Avoid the Pitfalls of Pride and Gain the Rewards of Humility

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By Chad Veach

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Popular author, speaker, and pastor of Zoe Church in Los Angeles, Chad Veach tackles one of the Christian’s greatest foes: an obsession with self. Ego often sneaks up on us in varying forms of narcissism, subtly turning so much of our attention to our needs and desires that we fail to recognize other people’s. The Bible depicts the destructiveness of pride—but have we taken note of the rewards of embracing humbleness? Veach reminds us that God wants us to lead satisfied, successful lives with genuine joy and peace, and humility is the path to get there.
   A self-proclaimed recovering narcissist, Veach has learned the power of humility. He wants to destigmatize the humility journey by normalizing the need for regular ego checks. A quick reset in attitude in any situation will create a delicate balance between self-denial and self-absorption.  Pride will draw us into an endless cycle of striving and conniving, defending and deflecting, racing and competing, but the Bible gives the remedy to stop it—by the power of humility.
   Amongst the alarming and increasing levels of narcissism in society and the Christian church today, Veach delivers a passionate call for making a simple but fundamental shift in perspective that cultivates humility.


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Oct 15, 2024
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Chad Veach

About the Author

Chad Veach is the founder and lead pastor of Zoe Church, a dynamic community in the heart of Los Angeles, California. An international speaker and preacher, he has dedicated his life to the ministry of the Gospel. He is the author of Help! I Work With People,Faith Forward Future, Worried About Everything Because I Pray About Nothing, Unreasonable Hope, and I Bet You Think This Book Is About You, and is the host of Leadership Lean In, a top-charting leadership podcast. Chad and his wife, Julia, reside in Los Angeles with their four children, Georgia, Winston, Maverick, and Clive.

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