The Atlas of a Changing Climate

Our Evolving Planet Visualized with More Than 100 Maps, Charts, and Infographics


By Brian Buma

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Climate change, visualized. 

Climate change, shrinking wildlife habitats, rising sea levels, and vanishing species. These are big, important ideas that deserve a proper exploration—just the type of revealing journey you will experience in The Atlas of a Changing Climate.

Ecologist Brian Buma helps us envision—both literally and figuratively—the history, present, and possible futures of the imperiled ecosystems directly influencing our lives. By presenting the forces driving Earth’s changes through illuminating maps, charts, and infographics, he proves the depth of our connectivity to our planet, revealing both the vulnerability—and hope—intrinsic in that link.


  • “Visually stunning and written in a manner that helps make complex systems understandable. Brian Buma is a world-class science communicator.” George Kourounis, Royal Canadian Geographical Society Explorer in Residence

    “A visual masterpiece…a must-have that brings greater clarity to the dramatic changes we are witnessing, so that we can perhaps best determine the future of our planet.”Rebecca Martin, director, National Geographic Expeditions Council and president, Exploration Connections

    "It is filled with amazing details that help the reader to understand just what climate change is doing.”—One Green Planet highly

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Nov 9, 2021
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Brian Buma

Brian Buma

About the Author

Brian Buma is a professor at University of Colorado, in Denver, tracking ecological change, and an affiliate professor at the University of Alaska, Fairbanks. His writing and research have been featured in the New York Times, Los Angeles Times, Science magazine, and other publications. A National Geographic Explorer and a fellow of the Explorer’s Club, Brian has led research expeditions that span the globe.

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