Wander Woman

How to Reclaim Your Space, Find Your Voice, and Travel the World, Solo


By Beth Santos

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“The ideal companion for the solo traveler, both before and during her trip.” — Pauline Frommer  

Achieve your solo female travel dreams with this empowering guide for women who want to see the world—perfect for anyone who has felt the tug of wanderlust after reading Wild, Eat Pray Love, or What I Was Doing While You Were Breeding.

If you’ve ever wanted to travel solo, founder of global women’s travel community Wanderful, Beth Santos, is here to tell you that you’re not alone.
Travel isn’t just about how many passport stamps you have—it’s about your mindset. In Wander Woman, Santos busts myths about who can travel, empowering women to uncover the confidence they need to see the world for themselves, by themselves, and giving them the lifelong tools to challenge your preconceptions, try something new, and get out of your comfort zone—whether that’s halfway around the world or just down the street.  
Readers will also learn…
  • A new rubric for personal safety that pushes back on traditional ideas of what’s “safe” for women.
  • How to eat alone (and not have to make awkward small talk with the waiter).
  • Why a “Day Zero” will revolutionize your itinerary.
  • Where to find community and a new perspective on what “counts” as solo travel
  • How to travel ethically, sustainably, and in budget.

As much a how-to guide as it is a source of inspiration and support, Wander Woman invites us to be mindful about why we travel, who it affects, and how we can make it better for everyone.
Whether you’re ready to chase your Under the Tuscan Sun fantasy, are preparing for study abroad, or just want to feel more comfortable on business trips, Wander Woman is your must-have guide to exploring the world without fear.

  • “Intensely practical and surprisingly philosophical, this book is the ideal companion for the solo traveler, both before and during her trip.”
    Pauline Frommer, Co-President of FrommerMedia and Editorial Director of Frommer's Guidebooks
  • Wander Woman is a revelatory guide to living your life on another level, forever changed by the world around you. Filled with real-world examples and practical tips to get you out of dreaming and into action, Beth has written a reassuring, unflinching road map for every traveler. Whether it’s your first time eating a meal alone or your fiftieth time around the world, Wander Woman is a must-read.”
    Juliana Dever, Actor and Founder of CleverDever Adventures
  • "As a woman devoutly addicted to music-swelling-movie-moment-travel-magic, I appreciated this inspiring book's advice about how to navigate the quieter, less perfect moments of solo travel—and the permission to forgive myself when I stumble." 
    Kristin Newman, author of What I Was Doing While You Were Breeding: A Memoir
  • “This book is a trailblazer, changing the narrative we’ve been told about traveling solo as women. I’ve always traveled with others — with my family, girlfriends, or colleagues, but Wander Woman has inspired me to explore the world on my own!”
    Fran Hauser, bestselling author of The Myth of the Nice Girl and Embrace the Work, Love Your Career
  • “In this heartfelt, thoughtful, and inspiring book, Beth beautifully captures what it means to travel. She empowers us to embrace the vastness of the world, explore with an open-mind, and walk into the world with confidence, care, and a sense of humor. Whether you've never traveled alone before or are an experienced solo traveler, this book will break down barriers and inspire you to book your next flight with your best friend -- yourself.” 
    Lillian Rafson, Pack Up + Go founder
  • “Come one, come all— Wander Woman is a treasure for anyone looking to travel more or get more out of their travels. With a grounded, yet optimistic approach, Santos helps open the door to the most important place for any traveler or wannabe traveler - their mind. Once that happens, every other door is that much easier to swing open with confidence. P.S. The resource section at the back of this book is worth the cost of entry . . . and then some.”
    Steph Jagger, traveler and author of Unbound: A Story of Snow and Self-Discovery and Everything Left To Remember: My Mother, Our Memories, and a Journey Through the Rocky Mountains
  • "Not only does Beth Santos pour her extensive knowledge of travel into Wander Woman's pages, but she peppers the text with personal stories pulled from her own travels and her journey in launching Wanderful. Wander Woman has a lot of soul: it marries the practical and inspirational, leaving readers with a treasure trove of thoughtful tips that truly cover all aspects of the solo travel experience. As Santos writes herself, this is the book every woman should read before traveling alone."
    Nikki Vargas, Author of the best-selling memoir, Call You When I Land, Wanderess, and Senior Editor of Fodor's Travel
  • "Whether a seasoned solo traveler or stepping out solo for the first time, Santos' warm engaging prose feels like travel counseling. Written in an accessible conversational style, it feels like listening to your most trusted friend empowering you to see the world; urging you to bask in the unique magic and transformational experiences that only solo travel can provide.”
    Lola Akinmade Åkerström, internationally best-selling and award-winning author of Due North
  • "Wander Woman is a remarkable guide tailored for the adventurous spirit of women travelers. In this empowering book, Beth masterfully weaves together personal anecdotes, practical tips, and cultural insights to inspire and embolden every woman seeking to reclaim her space in the world. Most importantly, Beth’s book celebrates the countless voices, stories and unique perspectives of diverse travelers who are often forgotten in travel narratives. This is a must-read for every woman ready to embark on her own journey of self-discovery, empowerment, and wanderlust."
    Tue Le, CEO of Remote Year
  • "Like a good friend who comforts and nudges you past your comfort zone, Wander Woman will certainly become your new BFF and help you achieve your solo travel dreams. Wherever you are in the process of planning your trip, this is the book you'll want to guide and ground your journeys both closer to home and farther away. Beth Santos is a travel industry gem, skillfully weaving together both experience and empathy on every page. She encourages us to open our hearts, minds and cultural perspectives as we explore our own neighborhoods with a fresh lens or land up on the other side of the world. An engaging invitation to all women to wander and to wander well, Wander Woman is destined to become a classic." 
    Dr. Anu Taranath, professor, racial equity consultant, and author of Beyond Guilt Trips: Mindful Travel in an Unequal World
  • “Wander Woman is a book for every traveling woman no matter where she is on her journey. Reading the book was like revisiting my own journey and remembering those moments that made me truly who I am today. Before I even started reading the book tears streamed down my face because the manifesto is so POWERFUL. Beth exposed the parts that nobody see’s or speaks about. “Solo doesn’t mean single and “Alone, but not lonely, hands down my favorite sections. Traveling solo has been one of the best things I’ve ever done and and is where I truly found ME. I’m excited for other women to take that journey of self discovery through travel , because of the connection they make to this book.”
    Martinique Lewis, award-winning diversity in travel consultant, President of the Black Travel Alliance
  •  "As a sustainable travel expert who exists to try and help people travel better, I’m always over the moon when trusted industry voices express why it matters so much with such intelligent yet easy-to-follow advice. Beth inspires and guides with honesty and conviction in a way that makes you wonder how any reader could travel any way but better after reading her book!”
    Juliet Kinsman, sustainability editor of Conde Nast Traveller, @JulietKinsman

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Beth Santos

About the Author

Beth Santos is the founder and CEO of Wanderful, a global women’s travel community and lifestyle brand. She is also the driving force behind the WITS Travel Creator Summit, the Bessie Awards, which honor women in travel, and Wanderfest, the first major outdoor travel festival by and for women. Regularly recognized as a changemaker in the travel industry, Beth was named Godmother of the Azamara Onward cruise ship in 2022 and strives to amplify underrepresented voices through her work as a speaker, industry consultant, and small business coach. She is a graduate of Wellesley College and Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management, and when she’s not traveling the world, she can be found exploring her home city of Boston with her husband and two daughters.

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