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A Concise History of the Middle East

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Jul 28, 2015

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An introduction to the history of this turbulent region from the beginnings of Islam to the present day, this widely acclaimed text by Arthur Goldschmidt Jr. is distinguished by its clear style, broad scope, and balanced treatment. This book explores the evolution of Islamic institutions and culture, the influence of the West, the modernization efforts of Middle Eastern governments, the struggle of various peoples for political independence, the Arab-Israeli conflict, the reassertion of Islamic values and power, the issues surrounding the Palestinian Question, and the post-9/11 Middle East.

The eleventh edition has been fully revised to reflect the most recent events in, and concerns of, the region, including an expanded and more nuanced discussion of the “War on Terrorism” and the Arab uprisings, coverage of the rise of ISIS, and a new chapter on the growing environmental problems of the region. In addition, the authors have incorporated new scholarship on the early history to provide a fuller picture of the political shifts and socioeconomic concerns of that time. With updated bibliographical sketches, chronology and glossary, A Concise History of the Middle East remains an essential text for students of Middle East history.

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"I have been using this text for my two-semester survey course for over 20 years. My students appreciate that the authors talk to them, not at them. The book's engaging prose, with extensive, but not overwhelming detail, is critical in helping students who may be questioning previous assumptions and are now embarking on new discoveries."—Dr. Steven A. Glazer, Graceland University
"This is a text that breathes life into the history it presents. The authors both care deeply about the region-and both recognize the responsibility of their American readers (their primary readers) to understand, and in a general sense sympathize, with the life struggles of the people whose history they present-and whose history has become increasingly intertwined with American global interests, often times, as they recognize and relate, to the detriment of people in the Middle East. The authors are not afraid to spell out these complexities in a style that is at once accessible and gently provocative. This is a text with personality."—Joel Gordon, University of Arkansas
"Our students and faculty alike have found this to be a well-organized, comprehensive, balanced, and exceptionally readable textbook. The authors blend significant historical detail with timely political analysis in a cogent style that is compelling and lucid. The addition of frequent biographical sketches and side-bars on major events or political terms bring additional features that make this a compelling and one of a kind introduction to the Middle East."—Donald Wagner, North Park University, Chicago
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