Flirting with Disaster

True Travel Tales of Fear, Failure, and Faith


By Angie Orth

Read by Angie Orth

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Join travel writer Angie Orth (@angieaway) on a journey of self-discovery as she empowers readers to buck expectations, take leaps of faith, and trust that God’s plan is better than anything we think we want for our lives.

Angie Orth should have had at least 2.5 kids by now—everyone else back home did. Despite a successful PR career in New York, Angie was failing at the roles she was born to play—those of submissive wife and grandchild incubator. Without a potential husband in sight or the hope of a photogenic brood to show off, she was beginning to wonder if God forgot about her.
With her thirtieth birthday looming, Angie was at a crossroads. Should she hightail it home to find a man like a “good girl” or continue running the rat race in New York City and hope for the best?
Orth chose Plan C: Escape! She quit her job, launched a travel blog, and booked a one-way ticket to the South Pacific while her Southern family gnashed their teeth in protest. But the timing couldn’t have been worse for a solo trip: she found herself dodging tsunamis, earthquakes, revolutions, grabby men, and incessant DMs from her worrywart relatives over a journey that spanned five continents. In the midst of her global misadventures, Orth’s hilarious, vulnerable journey of faith and wanderlust demonstrates that God’s plan is so much more creative than society’s expectations.

Fasten your seatbelt for this sassy, relatable memoir about living life unscripted yet still on mission. By the time readers turn the last page of Flirting with Disaster, they’ll feel empowered, knowing God’s vision is better than anything we think we want—or are supposed to want—for our lives. And they’ll be ready to take on the world in their own way.

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Mar 12, 2024
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Angie Orth

About the Author

Angie Orth is a writer and speaker best known for her travel and lifestyle website, Angie Away, and travel series The Jet Sisters. She’s a recovering PR agency publicist, former New Yorker, current Floridian, hesitant risk-taker, and allegedly, a grown-up. She's covered travel for AFARCosmopolitanBuzzfeedLonely PlanetThe Today Show and Destination America. Angie has visited more than 60 countries and she absolutely does not have a favorite so please don’t ask. 

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