The Magestone


By Andre Norton

By Mary H. Schaub

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They are two strangers whose people have been at war for a millennium.Mereth, a Dales trader, crosses the sea to Estcarp and the archivalcitadel at Lormt, seeking clues to the fate of a missing heirloom, anancient jewel of Power. At the same time, an Alizonder hound lord, Kasarian, finds that an ancestor’s key opens a magic gate to distant Lormt.

Alizonders are wolfish tyrants who fight with sadistic poisons and feedfallen leaders to their dogs, but they have always abhorred the sorceryof Witch World. Now, to Kasarian’s horror, a maniacal baron seeks tounleash the dark wizards of Escore — using Mereth’s long-lostMagestone, stolen from Kasarian’s murdered father!

Two strangers, two foes suddenly share a common cause, and a legacy moredire than either could imagine….


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Feb 15, 2001
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Andre Norton

About the Author

ANDRE NORTON has been writing for over sixty years. One of very few authors to receive the Grand Master award from the Science Fiction Writers of America, she is the author of more than a hundred science fiction and fantasy novels, including the Witchworld series and such classic tales as Ware Hawk and Judgement on Janus.

LYN McCONCHIE runs a colored sheep farm in New Zealand. A former government employee, she has contributed to Andre Norton’s Catfantastic anthologies and has written historical novels and a nonfiction book about amusing incidents that take place on her farm.

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