Karelia Stetz-Waters Shares Six Romances to Celebrate Pride

As a New York City Pride parade this weekend — along with 50th-anniversary of the Stonewall uprising — we are so excited to have Karelia Stetz-Waters, author of Worth the Wait, share some Pride romance picks with us.

Take it away, Karelia!

Pride Month is all about love: the freedom to love who you want and who you are. What better way to celebrate than with a romance! So wrap yourself up in rainbows, hop on your motorcycle, and put on your best gown. These romances remind us that love is universal, and happily ever after warms everyone’s heart.

Ice by Lyn Gardner

Detective Inspectors Alex Blake and Maggie Campbell have a history and not a good one. Alex’s unorthodox approaches to her work don’t mesh with Maggie’s by-the-books personality. But when they’re in a plane crash in the middle of a blizzard, they must fight to survive, and the heat they kindle to stay alive isn’t just from the fire.

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Hot Head by Damon Suede

New York firefighter Griff is crushing on his partner’s best friend—hard—but a womanizer like Dante isn’t going to fall for a man. Dante does have a proposition, though. He wants to earn some cash by starting a gay porn website, and he wants Griff to star in the films…with Dante as his lover.

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Roller Girl by Vanessa North

Tina is a trans woman, at a loss now that her wife has left her. A plumbing disaster brings Jo – short for Joanne – into Tina’s life. After Jo fixes the flooded washer, she invites Tina out for a beer. Jo has two goals: romance this beautiful woman and get her to join the roller derby team.

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A Knight to Remember by Bridget Essex

The only magic in Holly’s life comes from the books she reads…until a wild lighting storm opens a portal to enchantment. A beautiful woman warrior appears in Holly’s back yard fighting a monster. Now Holly must help the gorgeous knight, Virago, destroy the beast and return to her own realm. The only problem is that losing Virago might just break Holly’s heart.

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His Cocky Valet: Undue Arrogance Series by Cole McCade

Suddenly ending up at the head of a multibillion dollar corporation sounds like a win, but for irresponsible, twenty-three-year-old Ash Harrington it’s a nightmare. His life is out of control. He doesn’t have what it takes to run a company. He is lost until aloof British valet, Brand Forsythe, takes Ash in hand, in and out of the bedroom.

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Lesbian romance writer, Karelia Stetz-Waters remembers a time when romantic love was a holy grail she thought she would never find. Stories about lesbians all ended tragically. At seventeen, she was certain the best she could hope for was to die nobly for the woman she loved (who would never love her back, of course). Four years later, she saw her true love across a crowded room, and they have been together for twenty years. Knowing that happily-ever-after is possible for everyone, Stetz-Waters has made it her life’s mission to craft happy endings about women finding true love.

She is also on a quest to spread “cliteracy” across the country, using her work as a romance writer to teach readers about female sexual anatomy, desire, and pleasure.

Karelia writes the Out in Portland series for Forever. Her romance novels include Worth the Wait, For Good, and Something True. Other works include The AdmirerThe Purveyor, and Lambda Literary Award finalist Forgive Me If I’ve Told You This Before. She has a Masters in English and teaches writing at a small community college in Oregon.