Worried Question Marks

22 Daily Concerns from GCP’s Best and Brightest
(in the spirit of I’m Worried That… by Greg Farrell)


  1. I’m worried that there are too many exclamation points in my emails.
  2. I’m worried that there aren’t enough!!!
  3. I’m worried that, now that I’ve been here over a year, it’s officially too late to ask that person their name.
  4. I’m worried that Gwyneth Paltrow is right about everything.
  5. I’m worried that I’m adulting wrong and even Kelly Williams Brown can’t help me.
  6. I’m worried that the phone will ring for my boss and the only excuse I’ll have for not picking it up is that I was chewing.
  7. I read The Forbidden Place and I’m now worried about bog bodies.
  8. I’m worried that no one will ever send me anything.
  9. I’m worried that someone will send me the next Twilight and I’ll pass on it.
  10. I’m worried that I’ll accidentally walk into one of the frosted glass doors in the office in front of someone important.
  11. I’m worried that I’ll click on spam.
  12. I’m worried that the spam from my boss I deleted actually was A VARY IMPORTANT EMAIL PLS OPEN.
  13. I’m worried that I’ll accidentally email Barbara Pierce Bush instead of Barbara in the contracts department.
  14. I’m worried that we’ll spell the author’s name wrong, no one will notice, and it’ll be in the final book.
  15. I’m worried that a British author will come to the office and I’ll have to make them tea.
  16. I’m worried that I’ll have to make small talk with one of my heroes as I walk her down our hallway, and I’ll have absolutely nothing to say.
  17. I’m worried that I worry too much.
  18. I’m worried that I’ll lose the company credit card and someone will steal the company’s identity.
  19. I’m worried that I’ll use the company credit card for personal expenses and people will find out what I buy in bulk on Amazon.
  20. I’m worried that the signed copies for Happily Ever Esther won’t make it from Canada to the United States and the authors will have to get their pig Esther to sign 2000 more.
  21. I’m worried that I forgot to submit my bosses’ timesheets.
  22. No—I’m worried that I forgot to submit my timesheet.