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There is no one better to help us understand and prepare for the fast approaching technological revolutions.

Sanjay Gupta MD, bestselleing author and neurosurgeon

Hello. I’m Jamie Metzl.

People feel that technological change is happening so rapidly and at such a scale that they can only be passive bystanders. I want to inspire people to feel differently. Just like every vote matters in a functioning democracy, even only in aggregate, every person has a critical role in determining how some of the most consequential technologies in human history should and should not be used. It’s a huge task but we’ve got to do it and we’ve got to start now. That’s why I’ve written this book.

Superconvergence is a master class for imagining, investing in, and building a future we’d like to inhabit.

Jeremy Schwartz, Global Chief Investment Officer, WisdomTree

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More about Jamie

Jamie’s syndicated columns and other writings are featured in publications around the world.

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Jamie is a regular commentator on CNN, Bloomberg, and other media.

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Jamie is a regular speaker at SXSW, Google Zeitgeist, Singularity University, and other high-profile venues and explores the implications of the revolutionary technologies and geopolitical shifts transforming our world with corporate, nonprofit, and academic audiences across the globe.

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Jamie Metzl takes readers on a magical journey through the science of the intersecting genetics, biotech, and AI revolutions, deeply explores the implications, and challenges us to think creatively and proactively about what comes next.

Siddhartha Mukherjee, author of The Gene: An Intimate History

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