New Voices Award


We are delighted to announce that Dr. Evelyn Carter, PhD has been selected as the winner of the Little, Brown Spark New Voices Award for her submission entitled DETECTING BIAS.

As Dr. Carter writes, “DETECTING BIAS is an intervention, and a call to action, for White people. It is a guide to seeing the world the way that people of color do, with insights into how White people have been socialized to see (or not see) race and racism, how to unlearn those impulses, and how to bring others along that journey as well….I  am generally optimistic about the direction our society can move in, as long as we have people - White people - ready to hold themselves, their families, their co-workers, and their friends accountable for that change. DETECTING BIAS is the research-backed, story-filled, practical manual that will help them get there.”

Dr. Evelyn Carter is a social psychologist who has conducted cutting-edge research on how to detect and discuss racial bias. Dr. Carter’s research has been funded by the National Science Foundation, and in 2018, she was featured on the Indiana University College of Arts and Sciences “20 Under 40” list. Dr. Carter loves bridging the theoretical insights from academia to the practical needs of corporate organizations. She has nearly 15 years of experience consulting as a diversity, equity, and inclusion expert in industries ranging from higher education, financial services, technology, retail, and professional sport . Her accessible approach to talking about DEI has made her a highly sought-after thought leader. Dr. Carter’s work and insights have been published in popular press outlets such as The Atlantic, Bloomberg, CBS This Morning, CNBC, Fast Company, Harvard Business Review, and NPR. Her self-published blog series, "Let's Break it Down" merges her love of research, pop culture, and corporate DEI practices. 

Please join Little, Brown Spark and our partner, Psychotherapy Networker, in congratulating our winner, as well as our three additional short list finalists:

A PALATE FOR LOVE: Where therapy comes off the couch, and into the kitchen, by Racine Henry, LMFT

RECONNECT IN 30 DAYS-10 Quick Communication Tools for Busy Couples to Feel the Love Again, by Patrice Quadrel, LMFT, CACIII

MOTHER, AS GENDER: A Therapeutic Guide to the Queerest Thing I Have Ever Done, by Dr. Shanea Thomas

We enjoyed reading each and every submission and are grateful to everyone who took the time to participate.



Call for psychology submissions

Little, Brown Spark, in partnership with Psychotherapy Networker, is pleased to announce a new opportunity aimed at amplifying the work of underrepresented experts in the field of psychology.

We are inviting previously unpublished (with the exception of articles, academic papers, or self-published books), unagented, and writers from underrepresented backgrounds to submit a non-fiction book proposal on any topic within any branch of psychology. The applicant with the most original and compelling proposal will receive an introduction to a literary agent; feedback and guidance from Little, Brown Spark’s editorial team on turning their proposal into a manuscript; and the opportunity to enter a publishing contract with Little, Brown Spark with a $50,000 advance.


Identity impacts human psychology and behavior in fundamental ways, from how we perceive ourselves, to how we relate to others, to how we experience the world. The Little, Brown Spark New Voices Award is grounded in Little, Brown Spark’s commitment to publishing authors with a range of identities, backgrounds, and perspectives that reflects the diversity of the human experience.

Submission criteria:

We are accepting submissions for non-fiction proposals pertaining to any topic in the field of psychology.  Eligible proposals must be aimed at general readers; monographs and textbooks will not be considered.

Submissions should include:

  • A brief description and overview of the proposed book  (~500 words);
  • A detailed chapter outline (2-3 paragraphs per chapter);
  • A full sample chapter (~4000-5000 words); and
  • An author biography and/or resume.

The award:

Our judges will select a winner from a shortlist of up to six proposals. Each writer selected for the short list will be invited to attend a 1-hour virtual consultation with a senior-level editor on the Little, Brown Spark team, which will include general feedback on their shortlisted proposal and insight into the publishing process and industry.

In addition to the 1-hour virtual consultation, the winner will receive:

  • A first-look window with agents. The winner will be provided a list of literary agents who have agreed to participate in this initiative. Introductions will be made at the winner’s request. Please note that Little, Brown Spark strongly recommends that the winner secures representation from an agent before proceeding with negotiations for a publishing contract with Little, Brown Spark.
  • Additional editorial feedback and guidance in completing and revising the manuscript.
  • The opportunity to enter a publishing contract with Little, Brown Spark with a $50,000 advance.

Who is eligible?

Any author who:

  1. Identifies as diverse. We align our definition of diversity with the definition provided by We Need Diverse Books, which recognizes all diverse experiences, including (but not limited to) identifying as LGBTQIA+, Native, a person of color, gender diverse, having a disability, and an ethnic, cultural, and/or religious minority;
  2. Is an expert in the field of psychology, holding one or more of the following degrees or accreditations: License in Clinical Social Work (LCSW); Master of Social Work (MSW), Doctorate (DSW) or PhD in Social Work; Certification inCognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT); Master of Arts in Psychology (MAP) or Clinical Psychology (LPC or LMFT); Master of Science in Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA); or PhD in Psychology;
  3. Has not previously published a book with a publishing company (including any academic press) and is not currently represented by a literary agency; and
  4. Is a legal resident of the 50 United States and the District of Columbia, who is at least 18 years of age.

Judging criteria:

Submissions will be evaluated by a panel of editors and other senior members of the Little, Brown Spark team, based on:

  • The originality of the thesis or concept;
  • The logic and credibility of the argument;
  • The rigor of the research;
  • The clarity and accessibility of the writing; and
  • The relevance of the topic to general and/or non-academic readers.

Click here for the Official Rules. By entering the Little, Brown Spark New Voices Award, you acknowledge and agree to the Official Rules.

How to enter:

Fill out the entry form below and upload a submission between 12:01 am Eastern Time (“ET”) on April 15, 2023 and 12:01 am Eastern Time (“ET”) on October 15, 2023.


Do I have to pay a submission fee?


Will the winner receive money? 

The winner will be offered an opportunity to publish their book with Little, Brown Spark. If the winner and Little, Brown Spark enter a publishing contract, the winner will be entitled to receive an advance of $50,000.

Will the winner be paired with a literary agent?

The winner will be provided with introductions to a select number of literary agents who have agreed to participate in this initiative. The winner is also welcome to search for an agent on their own. Our intention is to allow the winner the option of signing with an agent of their choice.

Can I submit my novel if its characters and themes are relevant to the field of psychology? 

No. We are only accepting non-fiction. 

I have published academic papers and articles, but never a full-length book. Am I still eligible?

Yes, as long as you meet all the other criteria.

If I have previously self-published a book, am I still eligible?

Yes, but your self-published manuscript is not eligible.

I am represented by a literary agent, but we haven’t spoken in a while. Am I still eligible?


Can I submit more than one entry?



Still have questions? Reach out to