Suzanne Nam

About the Author

Suzanne Nam came to Bangkok in 2005 to work as a newspaper reporter and hasn't left since. Since arriving, she's traveled all over the country and the region. As for Bangkok, she knows the city's popular attractions in and out but really enjoys exploring the nooks and crannies that make Thailand's capital city so alluring. She's watched the city grow into a truly cosmopolitan, top tier city and is proud to call it her home.

Suzanne met her now husband during her first year in Bangkok. The street dog they adopted, Sam, was just the beginning of their growing family. In 2011 their twins, Bix and Ella, were born. Raising children in a foreign country brings plenty of adventures and challenges, including navigating preschool drop off during one of the city's many political demonstrations, but daily life is surprisingly stable and comfortable.

She grew up in Cambridge, Massachusetts, went to law school after college, and practiced law for five years before giving it all up to pursue a journalism degree at Columbia University. She has worked in London, the Middle East and Asia. She is also a reporter for Forbes magazine and runs her own travel website,