Lynn Fairweather

About the Author

Lynn Fairweather, MSW, is an abuse survivor who has worked in the domestic violence response and prevention field for the past twenty years. In her role as president of Presage Consulting and Training, she is responsible for providing expert guidance and specialized education to professionals across North America in both the public and private sectors.

Fairweather has earned a bachelor’s degree in social science, a master’s degree in social work, and multiple training certifications, including ones from Homeland Security’s Federal Law Enforcement Training Center and Gavin de Becker’s Advanced Threat Assessment Academy. She has served on state- and county-level task forces, and facilitated victim support groups as well as batterer intervention programs. An active member in the Association of Threat Assessment Professionals, she has served on the board of directors for its Northwest chapter. Throughout her career, Fairweather has participated in the handling of thousands of domestic violence cases.

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