Karen White

About the Author

Karen White was born and raised in California, but always longed to broaden her horizons and live in Europe. When an opportunity arose to study as an undergraduate in southern England, Karen went for it–and fell in love with Britain in the process. A few years later, she moved to London to start life as a graduate student. She spent her spare time exploring narrow, ancient streets in London's historic core; visiting numerous galleries and museums; and spending way too much money in fashionable boutiques and trendy markets. All of these activities were usually followed by a half-pint of bitter. Karen also met her British husband during this time, sealing her fate as a full-time Londoner.

Karen has been based in England for nearly two decades. She has worked as a copywriter and copy editor for advertising and corporate communication companies, as well as a multinational British corporation. She is now a freelance copywriter and also works part-time as a destination consultant, helping people moving to London find homes and settle into their new lives in the city. She shares her own life in London with her husband and two children.