Of Beetles and Angels

Of Beetles and Angels

By Mawi Asgedom

Genre: Juvenile Fiction

Curriculum Subject: Social Studies: Immigration, Social Studies: Biographies, Personal Development: Character Development, Social Studies: African American Heritage, Family Life: Daily Life and Play

Grades: 5-17

Now in a paperback edition, this acclaimed memoir tells the unforgettable story of a young boy’s journey from a refugee camp in Sudan to Chicago, where his family survived on welfare. Mawi followed his father’s advice to “treat people . . . as though they were angels sent from heaven, ” and realized his dream of a full-tuition scholarship to Harvard University. Updated with 14 black-and-white photos and a new epilogue.


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“A moving memoir.” * Chicago Tribune

“An amazing story.” * Oprah Winfrey

“His simple lyrical narrative, both wry and tender, stays true to the child’s viewpoint as he grows up…What stays with you is the quiet, honest drama of a family’s heartrending journey.” –Booklist

“This earnest account of his life up to his graduation from Harvard is peppered with powerful moments.” –Publishers Weekly

A BookSense ’76 pick