5 Books to Satisfy Your Inner Mulan

Listen, there is a Mulan inside all of us. She’s that part of you that will always make it to the appointment—even if it means charging through half-decimated streets on your horse with straw in your hair. She’s the part of you that takes a lightning strike of inspiration and turns it into something amazing, like the take-down of an entire army with a single cannon and some snow. And, of course, she’s the part of you that hugs the emperor because, why not?

And obviously, your Inner Mulan deserves books. She deserves books about dastardly plots (because she’s probably desperate to see how she would solve them). She deserves books about magic and creatures and books where the two entwine, (to know she’s not the only one who has to deal with a loudmouth of a dragon for a spirit guide). She deserves books about home (because sometimes she misses it, maybe more than she’s willing to admit).

But most of all, she deserves books about people who are like her, too: rogue runaways who are brave, talented, and who don’t always fit in—sometimes not even in the skin they were born in. So, let’s give them to her!

Here are five books to satisfy your Inner Mulan:


The Epic Crush of Genie Lo  by F.C. Yee

Speaking of magic, Genie Lo’s hilarious and heartfelt journey as she accepts her destiny to save the world from evil (while not letting her 4.0 GPA slip, obviously) is exactly the kind of thing your Inner Mulan would love to snuggle up and laugh out loud with, because she knows what it means to fight evil demons and deal with cultural expectations at the same time. A cute, light-hearted, witty, and meaningful story about recognizing who you are and finding a way to fit in, all at once.


Children of Blood and Bone by Tomi Adeyemi

Granted, I haven’t read this one yet, because (woe is me!) it doesn’t publish until March 2018. However, I absolutely must inform you that I (along with many others), are practically salivating at what it promises. Just like the Frostblood series, it centers around a captivating narrator, Zélie Adebola, whose blood is steeped in beautiful, eerie magic. But a tyrannical monarchy has deemed Zélie to be wrong, unworthy, and worse. And just like Mulan, Ruby, Yael, Genie, and Evie, Zélie not going to take it lying down, igniting the ever-important struggle between oppressors and oppressed.


Sharanya Sharma is a former teacher from Washington D.C. who lives, breathes, and devours young adult literature. Currently, she is a Book Riot contributor, and is working towards earning a graduate degree in Writing at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. When she isn’t hopelessly lost in a book or her writing, you can find her tweeting @srsharms.