The Current, Episode 33: Michael Connelly



Episode Summary: Best-selling author Michael Connelly talks to our host Clive Priddle of PublicAffairs on forensic science, inspirations for his character Mickey Haller, and his view on the future of Los Angeles.

Episode Air Date: February  15, 2021

Length: 15:11

In this episode we cover:

(0:35) – Should we be skeptical of forensics?

(3:42) – Is Mickey Haller a dodgy lawyer? What drew Matthew McConaughey to play the character in the 2011 film adaptation of The Lincoln Lawyer?

(4:58) – Is the legal system in repair in America?

(7:41) – What outside influences inspired Mickey Haller?

(10:22) – When Michael writes about crime in America, is it reflective of what is happening around the country today?