Our Absolute Favorite Covers (For Now)

When I asked the office staff last Friday to name their favorite Moon guidebook cover, someone immediately retorted, “That’s like asking a mom to name her favorite kid!” But that’s exactly what we did—played temporary favorites among books with which we’ve lived and breathed, and to which we’ve become quite attached. Here are our top three Favorite Moon Covers*, as determined by popular vote:

Book cover of Moon Brazil, 2nd edition featuring a closeup of a toucan eye.
Brazil, 2nd ed. Photo by Frans Lanting.

Moon Brazil‘s striking toco toucan close-up gave it the first-place title by a narrow margin. We love its vibrant, eye-catching colors and unusual perspective.

Cover of Moon Atlantic Canada, 5th ed. featuring two pairs of puffins standing on rocks.
Atlantic Canada, 5th ed. Photo by Rolf Hicker.

Moon Atlantic Canada capitalizes on our apparent love of feathered friends—its popularity due in part to “those cute puffins!” Working on Moon’s guidebooks is definitely a form of escapism, but the friendly puffins in this photo give us an extra dose of wanderlust.

Cover of Moon Guatemala, 2nd ed. featuring a row of coats and straw hats hung on the wall.
Guatemala, 2nd ed. Photo by Al Argueta.

Moon Guatemala‘s deep, cool blues have made it a longtime favorite around the office and holder of the third-place vote. Its talented photographer-author, Al Argueta, shot this image—more of his work can be seen gracing the pages of his book.