Frequently Asked Questions for GCP Ambassadors and Online Influencers

I’m interested in reading early copies of Grand Central books. Does GCP have an early reviewer program and are you currently accepting applications?

Yes! We took your feedback to heart and have created a monthly newsletter for bloggers and bookstagrammers who want to review GCP titles. You can apply to be a part of the program here! Readers interested in ebooks can also request titles on NetGalley.

What do you look for in reviewers who are interested in being a part of the program?

There are a variety of factors that we look at but the most important is that you have a platform where you post your book reviews consistently and that your content is engaging. We love to see when a reviewer’s passion for reading shines through!

Does it matter how many followers I have?

The number of followers you have is not the most important factor and shouldn’t keep you from applying to our review program! You may not have thousands of followers, but you may have thoughtful reviews or beautiful book photos that would make you a good fit for the program. 

Do you work with #OwnVoices reviewers? 

Absolutely! We always try to identify Own Voices communities for our books and are eager to hear from reviewers looking for specific Own Voices topics. If you’re looking for a certain Own Voices topic, please reach out to us at

When will a book be available to review?

We share finished copies of books with our reviewers, which are ready about a month in advance of publication. If you would like to read a book earlier, we make ebook files available on NetGalley sometimes as early as six months before publication.

What’s the best way to get approved to read an ebook on NetGalley?

Make sure your profile and bio are up-to-date! The information you provide there is all we have to go on when approving you for a title on NetGalley, so including links to your blog, instagram profile, or other reviewing platform is very important!

I was approved for a title on NetGalley but would like to request a finished book to photograph for my blog/instagram/reviewing platform. Is that possible?

Yes! Email us at to make that request and make sure to include your mailing address!

What about requesting to read an ebook on Edelweiss?

If you’re a blogger, bookstagrammer, or influencer, we recommend you request the book on NetGalley instead! That’s the platform our GCP marketing team uses and our primary way to share ebooks with influencers. Edelweiss approvals are handled by another department.

What are your expectations for ambassadors when you give them a free copy to review?

Our hope is always that influencers will enjoy the complimentary book and post an honest review about it on their platform! However, we require nothing in exchange for the free copy we provide—what you post on your platform is up to your discretion. 

What if I don’t like a book you sent me to review?

That’s okay! Not every book is for every reader. If you don’t want to feature a book on your platform because you didn’t enjoy it or didn’t finish it, you’re under no obligation. You are always welcome to share your honest thoughts about GCP reads and you won’t be excluded from our program if you didn’t like a book. We still appreciate the feedback!

When should I post my review? 

In general, it’s great to see reviews posted on a book’s publication day or during release week. However, there are a variety of factors that may keep you from doing that—perhaps you didn’t receive the book far enough in advance or had other content scheduled. That’s fine! It’s up to you to decide when to post a review on your platform. We understand that many readers pick up books based on their mood, so sometimes you may opt for a science fiction novel instead of the memoir you originally planned. That’s a normal part of the reading life and a review posted after release week is still helpful to us and the author!

Should I also post my review on Amazon, Goodreads, or NetGalley in addition to my own platform?

Posting your reviews on multiple outlets is a great way to generate buzz for an author or a book so this is always appreciated.

Should I email you a link to my reviews when they go live?

If you’ve been in touch with someone from the GCP team, it’s always helpful to pass along the links when your reviews are available.

Should I tag Grand Central in my reviews on social media?

Yes, it’s a helpful way for us to see your posts about GCP books!

Should I tag the author?

If you loved a book and gave it five stars, then yes! Just remember, authors are humans with feelings so be thoughtful in the posts you choose to tag an author in.

When I finish my ARC, can I sell or trade it?

No. ARCs, provided by us for free, cannot be resold for net profit in any form. Doing so will result in your removal from our ambassador program and any further review requests will be denied.

Questions, comments, concerns?

Email us at We love to hear from you!