5 Thoughts On What Disruptive Thinking Looks Like, from NYT bestselling author Bishop T.D. Jakes

1. You can’t be a disruptive thinker while trying to negotiate peace settlements with people who want to define you by their description of you.

2. Disruption should be about something bigger than ourselves. That’s the only way we will weather the stormy days and nights.

3. To understand life from the other person’s perspective means that you have to disrupt your norm to have a different experience.

4. We are most productive when we have a whole community of people that galvanize around that disruption and support it.

5. When we become comfortable with disruption and have settled on the other side of the fence, at some point we come upon a discovery: we’re not done yet. We keep encountering new fences we must jump. That’s because life keeps changing.