Dealing with China

An Insider Unmasks the New Economic Superpower
By Henry M. Paulson Jr., Michael Carroll (Audiobook, 2015)

As the CEO of Goldman Sachs from 1999-2006 and then as the Treasury Secretary of the United States from 2006-2009 Hank Paulson has sat across the bargaining table from countless Chinese politicians as both a banker and a statesman. Since leaving Washington, the former Treasury Secretary has worked on bridging the gap between East and West through The Paulson Institute, which he describes not as a think tank but as a "think and do" tank.
  • "Delivers a highly personal, you-are-there feeling for how top players in government and finance staved off a disaster."

    -- BusinessWeek, on Paulson's ON THE BRINK

  • "Engaging, well-written narrative."

    --Wall Street Journal, on Paulson's ON THE BRINK

  • "Henry Paulson was for better or worse the leader throughout the crisis. Throughout the book Paulson truly shines."
    --Daily Markets, on Paulson's ON THE BRINK

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Dealing with China
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