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Words That Work

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$30.99 US | $33.99 CAN
Available Jan. 2, 2007

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  • Genre: Business & Economics , Language Arts & Disciplines , Self-Help
  • Age Range: 13 & up
  • Grade Level: 8-17
  • Pages: 350
  • Dimensions: 6-1/8" x 9-1/4"
  • ISBN-13: 9781401302597

  About The Book

Frank Luntz tells his corporate and political clients, "It's not what you say that matters, it's what people hear." For the first time, the country's leading pollster shares his wisdom on how words are selected to influence consumers and voters.

WORDS THAT WORK offers a behind-the-scenes look at how the tactical use of words and phrases and the power of language affects what we buy, who we vote for, and what we believe in. Frank Luntz, a leading national pollster who engineered both the Republican "Contract with America" victory in 1994 and various bestselling corporate campaigns shares his experiences and knowledge in this provocative expose. Learn the 9 Rules of Successful Communication, as well as other language strategies including:

  • how "drilling for oil" became "exploration for energy"
  • why Coca-Cola went from promoting "soft drinks" and "carbonation" to selling "sparkling beverages"
  • why "satellites" interest more buyers than "digital cable"
  • how Anheuser-Busch called on its "American heritage" to fight back against quickly rising and "foreign-owned" Miller.
A look into the language of the future, WORDS THAT WORK lets readers peek into what companies will be selling and politicians will be promising--before they even open their mouths.


Frank Luntz is one of the most respected communication professionals in America today. He has written, supervised, and conducted more than a thousand surveys and focus groups for corporate and public affairs clients here and abroad. He has developed campaigns for Merrill Lynch, Federal Express, AT&T, Pfizer, and McDonalds. Currently the host of America's Voices on MSNBC, Dr. Luntz is the first resource media outlets turn to when they want to understand American voters. His recurring segments on MSNBC/CNBC during the 2002 election cycle won an Emmy. He lives in Alexandria, VA.

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