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$10.99 US | $14.49 CAN
Available April 9, 2013

Paperback Ebook
  • Genre: Young Adult Fiction
  • Age Range: 12 & up
  • Grade Level: 7-17
  • Pages: 368
  • Dimensions: 5-1/2" x 8-1/4"
  • ISBN-13: 9780316094634

  About The Book

It started with a bus crash.

Eleven years ago, when Daisy Appleby was a little girl, she was killed in a school bus accident. She barely remembers being brought back to life, but, at that moment, she became one of the first subjects in a covert government program that tests a drug called Revive. If the general public knew about Revive's existence, there would be riots and worse; after all, who decides which lucky people deserve a second chance?

Cavalier about her safety knowing that the government can always press the "reset" button, Daisy has died and been Revived five times. Each time she dies, Daisy and her guardian must move cities and change their identities to avoid arousing suspicion. The only constant in Daisy's life is constant change.

Up until now, Daisy has gotten thrills out of cheating death; but then she meets Matt and Audrey McKean, charismatic siblings who quickly become her first real friends. Free-spirited Audrey urges Daisy to embrace the here-and-now, and Matt captures Daisy's heart in a way that she never thought possible. Daisy soon realizes that if she's ever to have a normal life, she must find a way to escape the rogue government arm that treats life like a game, and an experiment that's much larger -- and more sinister -- than she ever imagined.



* "There is not a dull moment in this novel... it is an entertaining and suspenseful book that readers interested in a little romance with their science fiction will enjoy."
VOYA (starred review)

"Forgotten is a mind-bending experience that I devoured in one sitting. Cat Patrick's exciting and impressive debut still haunts me." —Jay Asher, New York Times bestselling author of Thirteen Reasons Why, on Forgotten


Patrick, Cat (1538487)

Cat Patrick is the author of Forgotten and Revived. She lives near Seattle with her husband and twin daughters and spends her free time playing dress-up, exploring the great outdoors, or planning for a zombie apocalypse.

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