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The Book of James

The Power and Passion of LeBron

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Nov 28, 2023




A cultural exploration into the life, legacy and enduring impact of basketball legend LeBron James. 

No athlete is referenced as frequently in commentaries on Black politics as  LeBron James. The NBA all-star, gold medal Olympian, four time NBA champion, and four-time finals MVP has been a pivotal figure in both the culture and politics of basketball. Despite his unmatched skill, success and popularity, James has never been fully free from the entrenched racism and anti-blackness in American life. His story, of both success and adversity, represents a larger story of how conflicts and tensions off the court always make it into the game and how athletes of color reckon with their ascent to fame while still living in a deeply racist society. 

In The Book of James, Valerie Babb examines his evolution from a basketball protégé to social activist.  Every day it becomes more apparent that basketball stardom is just the first step in the evolution of one of the most celebrated presences in modern American culture. This book considers the peaks and pitfalls of his route to this prominence as well as what separates his outspokenness from previous athletes. The Book of James is timely in its examination of his impact on national race discourse.  

The result is a unique blend of memoir, biography and criticism that brings into focus the role of athletes in shaping and altering public discourse while simultaneously pushing the boundaries of their sport. 

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