Gentle Chaos

Poems, Tales, and Magic

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By Tyler Gaca

Read by Tyler Gaca

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From the wild imagination of Tyler Gaca, also known as TikTok's Ghosthoney, comes a beautiful compendium of poems, personal stories, and vignettes that explore magic, queerness, Tyler’s unique story, and the enchantment and comfort to be found in the weird, the dark, and the different.

In this raw yet enchanting collection of poems and essays, Tyler Gaca dreamily navigates themes of magic and queerness, offering readers an intimate look inside his mind and his worlds, real and imagined.

The writings in Gentle Chaos reflect on growing up queer and in love with magic, discovering yourself and your place in the world, and daring to seek out love and hope. The result is a whimsical, vulnerable, and transporting journey into the gentle chaos within us all.


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Oct 3, 2023
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Exploring Gentle Chaos with Tyler Gaca aka @ghosthoney
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Tyler Gaca

About the Author

Tyler Gaca is an artist currently living in Los Angeles with his husband, a menagerie of animals, and many plants. In 2019, he began posting comedic videos on TikTok under the name Ghosthoney, and he has since built a career out of his surreal and offbeat sense of humor and his love and fascination for all things magical and morbid.

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