The Bridge


By Stuart Prebble

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The woman of his dreams isn’t what she seems.

Michael Beaumont is head over heels with the woman of his dreams. The minute he and Alison saw each other across a crowded bar, there was a powerful, immediate connection. She’s everything he could ever want in a woman: charismatic, beautiful, intelligent, compassionate, and so much more.

But Alison is harboring a dangerous secret, one that threatens to break loose once Michael introduces her to his last remaining relative. Michael’s grandmother Rose, who raised him from childhood, isn’t quite the woman she used to be; her memory is failing her, and she’s prone to fits of wild emotion.

But something about Rose’s outburst upon meeting Alison seems like more than just a simple delusion. And something about the string of murders terrorizing London, with incidents occurring just blocks from Michael, feels like more than just a coincidence.

What is Rose not telling Michael? What is Alison hiding? Every relationship in Michael’s life is a bridge, and he’ll discover that there are some he shouldn’t cross.


  • "In this brilliantly executed crime novel the chills are guaranteed."
    Vick Mickunas, Dayton Daily News
  • Praise for The Insect Farm
    "Chilling and suspenseful, rich and human."
    Lee Child
  • "Only rarely do a gripping psychological crime story and a literary writer's insight and masterful style coincide. But The Insect Farm has that distinction. You'll read this book fast, so compelling is the story. . . . A tour de force."
    Jeffery Deaver, author of Solitude Creek
  • "A well-choreographed dance, fully engaging [and] reminiscent of Ruth Rendell"
    Charlotte Observer
  • "Stuart Prebble is similar to Stephen King as he's able to take a simple story and make it wildly compelling."
    Huffington Post

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Mar 28, 2017
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288 pages
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Stuart Prebble

About the Author

Stuart Prebble is the author of The Insect Farm and a producer of documentary and current-affairs programs for television. He was formerly CEO of the UK television network ITV and is currently chairman of the TV production company StoryVault Films. He lives in London.

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