A Guidebook for Your Journey Through Ambiguous Grief


By Stephanie Sarazin

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Winner: Gold Nautilus Book Award, Death & Dying/Grief & Loss

Expanding on Pauline Boss’s seminal work on ambiguous loss, this book explores the complications and deviations from traditional grief when mourning a loss, but not a death—and offers real solutions for healing. 

Grief isn't always the result of something finite, marking a death or complete end. Soul-shattering grief can also be activated by a dramatic shift in an important relationship, such as a divorce or significant breakup, a life-changing medical diagnosis, or a broken connection with an addicted child. How do we grieve people who are still alive, but no longer who they once were to us?

Most people will experience this type of traumatic event over the course of their lifetime, yet the complications of these situations often leave grievers feeling alienated or ashamed. Soulbroken is a guidebook that recognizes this often-misunderstood grief, validates the unique challenges posed by its ambiguity, and champions tools for healing. In it, Stephanie Sarazin presents the ambiguous grief process, offering insights to help readers better understand the nuances of their grief experience when a loved one is not lost to death. With intimate stories of others' path to recovery using Sarazin's advice, this book will help anyone ready to find a way through their own grief, regardless of where they are on their journey.


  • “A moving read about the emotions you feel when someone betrays your trust or breaks your heart. Combining her personal experience and professional expertise, Stephanie Sarazin paints a clear picture of ambiguous grief and draws a road map toward hope. If you’ve ever experienced the pain of parting with someone who’s still alive, this book will make you feel less alone.”
    Adam Grant, #1 New York Times bestselling author of Think Again and Option B
  • Soulbroken shines a light on ambiguous grief, which cuts deeply yet has never been fully understood.  In this well-crafted and beautifully written book, Stephanie Sarazin not only validates the impact of this type of grief, but offers practical, step-by-step guidance to help make sense of our grief and rebuild meaningful lives moving forward.”
    Justin Yopp, PhD, author of The Group Seven Widowed Fathers Reimagine Life
  • “Stephanie Sarazin humanizes a subset of grievers who have long-gone unrecognized. Not only is “Soulbroken” a recounting of Sarazin’s path in pursuit of healing, but it is also a timely rally cry for ambiguous grievers everywhere, inviting them to join her in boldly stepping out of the shadows to honor their loss and reclaim their light.”
    Marisa Renee Lee, author of Grief is Love
  • “When someone we love dies, there are well-worn ways to grieve and feel supported in our loss. This book is about another kind of loss, and another kind of grief--what Stephanie Sarazin calls “ambiguous grief"--when we lose someone we love to betrayal, divorce, illness, dementia or an assortment of other life-changing ways. Grieving those kinds of losses can feel like a lonely trek through a dark wilderness. This book provides a map, light, support, validation, hope, and healing."
    Elizabeth Lesser, cofounder of Omega Institute, and author of the New York Times bestseller, Broken Open, and other books including The Seeker's Guide, Marrow, and Cassandra Speaks.

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Stephanie Sarazin

About the Author

Stephanie Sarazin is the founder and steward of Rise Up Rooted, a budding online community where those living with ambiguous grief are invited to seek resources that offer support, affirmation, and suggestions for how to navigate the gnarled nuances of this complex emotion. As she tried to understand and seek relief from her own deep grief, she was struck by the lack of resources that were relevant to her situation. She partnered with addiction specialist Dr. Sophia Caudle to develop, co-author, and publish the Ambiguous Grief Process Model and the Ambiguous Grief Assessment.

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