Bike for Life

How to Ride to 100--and Beyond, revised edition


By Roy M. Wallack

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Do You Want to Ride to 100—and Beyond?

Now with training plans, worldwide adventures, and more than 200 photos

Ride a century when you turn a century: that was the promise Bike for Life offered when it was first published. A decade later, this blueprint for using cycling to achieve exceptional longevity, fitness, and overall well-being has helped tens of thousands of cyclists to ride longer and stronger. Now, nationally-known fitness journalist and lifelong endurance road and mountain biker Roy M. Wallack builds upon his comprehensive Bike for Life plan with even more practical tips and strategies to keep you riding to 100—and beyond.

Fully updated, revised, and illustrated, Bike for Life features:

– Cutting-edge workout strategies for achieving best-ever fitness at any age
– Science-based 8- and 16-week Century training schedules
– A radical new workout method that’ll make you fly up the hills
– An anti-aging plan to revive muscularity, strength, and reaction time
– An exclusive 10-step Yoga for Cyclists routine
– Strategies to fix “cyclist’s knee” and “biker’s back”
– Advice on avoiding cycling-related impotence and osteoporosis
– Ways to survive mountain lions, bike-jackers, poison ivy, and headwinds
– Handling skills and bike-fit advice from famous coaches
– Tips on staying motivated with worldwide adventures and challenges
– The Bike for Life hall of fame: stories of amazing riders in their 60s, 70s, 80s, and up

With oral-history interviews and profiles of the biggest names of the sport, including: John Howard, Gary Fisher, Rebecca Rusch, Ned Overend, Tinker Juarez, Juli Furtado, Marla Streb, Missy Giove, Johnny G, Eddie B, Mike Sinyard, and Rich “The Reverend” White.


  • Mountain Bike Tales, 6/3/15
    “It's an easy read and the varying topics, interviews, and first-hand experience makes you want to keep flipping the pages. If you're just getting into riding, or have been in it for a while and want some tips for making some changes in your training, give this piece of literature a chance.”

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Mar 10, 2015
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Roy M. Wallack

About the Author

Roy M. Wallack has survived the Eco-Challenge, the Soviet Union by bike, and some of the world’s toughest two-wheel events. He is the author of The Traveling Cyclist and several running and fitness books, a former editor at Bicycle Guide, California Bicyclist, and Triathlete magazines, a longtime sports-gear columnist and health-features writer for the Los Angeles Times. He also covers cycling, fitness, longevity, triathlon, running, MMA, and sports trends for many national magazines. Calling himself “a religious man who believes in the Holy Trinity of road, mountain, and tandem,” Roy has traveled the world by bike and spent much of his career writing about them. He lives with his family next to the bike path in Irvine, California.

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