The Fourth Man

The Hunt for a KGB Spy at the Top of the CIA and the Rise of Putin's Russia


By Robert Baer

Read by Robert Baer

Read by Eric Jason Martin

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The never-before-told story of the thrilling hunt for a KGB spy in the top ranks of the CIA, from New York Times bestselling author and former CIA officer Robert Baer

In the aftermath of the Cold War, American intelligence caught three high-profiles Russian spies: Aldrich Ames, Edward Lee Howard, and Robert Hanssen. However, rumors have long swirled of another mole, one perhaps more damaging than all the others combined. Perhaps the greatest traitor in American history, perhaps a Russian ruse to tear the CIA apart, or perhaps nothing more than a bogeyman, he is often referred to as the Fourth Man. 
For the first time ever, New York Times bestselling author and former CIA operative Robert Baer tells the full story. After the Ames arrest, the CIA launched another investigation to make sure there wasn't another mole in their ranks. Led by three women, pioneering counterintelligence veterans, its existence was known only to a few. As they hunted through their own, turning up loose threads, smoking guns, and a mercurial KGB source, they came to a startling conclusion that would shake American intelligence to its core. In a cat-and-mouse game worthy of a le Carré novel, the mole hunters squared off against a man who could have been the most damaging spy in US history, a thrilling chase with the profound implications for the future of America, Russia, and the rise of Vladimir Putin.


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May 17, 2022
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Robert Baer

About the Author

Robert Baer, one of the most accomplished officers in CIA history, is a bestselling author and intelligence analyst for CNN. Over several decades, he served everywhere from Iraq to New Delhi and was awarded the Career Intelligence Medal for his efforts. Baer is the author of four New York Times bestsellers, including his first book, See No Evil, the basis for the Academy Award-winning film Syriana. He is considered one of the world's foremost authorities on the Middle East and frequently appears on all major news outlets. Baer has contributed to TIMEVanity FairThe Wall Street Journal, and The Washington Post.

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