31-Day Food Revolution

Heal Your Body, Feel Great, and Transform Your World


By Ocean Robbins

Foreword by Joel Fuhrman, MD

Read by Ocean Robbins

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Heal your body, lose excess weight, and free yourself from toxic food with this simple guide focusing on sustainable food that has “depth, spirit, and [a] breadth of information” (Rip Esselstyn, New York Times bestselling author).

31-Day Food Revolution is your guide to liberation from a toxic food world. Author Ocean Robbins reveals the secrets the industrialized food industry doesn’t want you to know, how specific ingredients and methods could be making you sick — and what to do about it. And he shows you how — in just 31 days — you can use the amazing power of delicious food to heal your gut, lose excess weight, and lower your risk for disease, all while contributing to a healthier planet.

Ocean’s plan includes 31 simple and affordable step-by-step actions that give you a road map to healthy, ethical, and sustainable food. He breaks it down into four parts:
  • Detoxify: Get rid of the unhealthy foods and environmental factors making you sick.
  • Nourish: Fuel your body with the healthy micronutrients you need to thrive.
  • Gather: Build your community and surround yourself with supportive, positive people.
  • Transform: YOU can be part of the solution. It’s a lot easier to change the world than you imagine!

You’ll discover amazing secrets, such as how to stop food cravings, why nuts are one of the best snack foods, time-saving habits, and how to catch dangerous ingredients hiding in food labels.

In his nonjudgmental and down-to-earth way, Ocean Robbins meets you wherever you are on your personal journey with food. Then, he provides you with tools that make it easy to eat less sugar, processed foods, and unhealthy animal products-and to happily enjoy whole plant foods, and more fair trade, local, organic, and otherwise consciously sourced fare. Ocean helps you make small improvements that lead to big results. If you want to feel better, enjoy your food more, and help sustain the planet, start reading this book today. In just 31 days you can change your health for the better. And your body will thank you for the rest of your life.


  • Ocean Robbins has inspired millions of people to make food choices that fight disease and fuel vitality. Now he's distilled decades of hard-won wisdom into a simple and easy-to-follow road map that will change your life and help you to change the world. Read it, practice it, and thrive.
    Tony Robbins
  • Ocean Robbins is able to inform and influence people in a way that grips their interest and also touches their souls. His insight, warmth, and care for humanity is compelling and supports the important scientific facts presented that are crucial for our world.
    Joel Fuhrman, MD
  • With his passionate, playful, and persuasive style, Food Revolution leader and inspiration to millions, Ocean Robbins, shows you how to make healthy eating simple and irresistible."
    Kris Carr
  • Ocean Robbins brings the latest insights of medical science into a simple and brilliant program that sets you up for success. The result is a fun and delicious pathway to a life of greater health, meaning, and contribution. If you want to fight heart disease, diabetes, cancer, obesity, and dementia--read this book and apply it from start to finish. Your life--and your world--will never be the same again.
    Dean Ornish
  • Ocean's genius 4-step plan will help you build a better relationship with your food, your loved ones, and your community. Let him show you how to discover and practice everlasting habits that lead to a healthy and vibrant future. Your body will thank you for the rest of your life.
    Vani Hari
  • Ocean Robbins grew up living the message of food as revolutionary medicine, and has experienced, in both his family and in the lives of thousands of people the world over--how healthy, sustainable food is the key to truly flourishing--individually and collectively. The 31-DAY FOOD REVOLUTION brings his insights and practical wisdom right into your kitchen and your table. I highly recommend it.
    Christiane Northrup, MD
  • "I've been watching the work that Ocean Robbins and his father, John, have been doing with Food Revolution Network for many years now, and I'm proud of what they've accomplished. The more people who hear this message and move toward diets marked by compassion and respect for life and the earth, the better off our world will be. The book that you hold in your hands is lighting the way for the future of your health and that of the planet."

    -Paul McCartney
  • "Ocean Robbins advocates tirelessly for dietary practices that foster the health of people, protect the health of the planet, and respect the well-being of all other creatures. This compilation of his gentle, wise, and well-informed counsel is a wonderful asset for anyone wanting to eat well, be well, and do good."

    -David Katz, MD, founding director, Yale-Griffin Prevention Research Center; immediate past-president, American College of Lifestyle Medicine
  • "More than ever before, food is a hot topic in terms of our health, our politics, and even our spirituality. Ocean Robbins continues a family tradition of uplifting both our intellectual and moral understanding of the importance of our food choices, and how to make changes in our eating that better both ourselves and our world."
    -Marianne Williamson, #1 New York Times bestselling author
  • "In this accessible and timely book, Ocean Robbins provides the knowledge and guidance to help each of us become a creator of a new food future. One that protects our health and that of our families, revitalizes our farm communities, stops the suffering of countless animals, and affirms that healthy food will lead to a healthy planet. Get this critical roadmap for yourself, and share it with everyone you know. It opens a path to freedom from the toxic industrial food model-and a grounded hope that will empower you for life."

    -Andrew Kimbrell, Executive Director, Center for Food Safety
  • "Ocean Robbins understands that we are smart, capable, and powerful beings who want what's best for our families and our planet. In 31-Day Food Revolution, he combines the light-giving, life-giving elements of food with a secret-telling and shadow-revealing exposé of the industry. When we know the truth, we can make informed choices and take action. Ocean is a wise being and we need him now. Lucky us that he has shared that wisdom in 31- Day Food Revolution."

    -Geneen Roth, #1 New York Times bestselling author of Women, Food and God and When Food is Love
  • "The 31-Day Food Revolution delivers a penetrating diagnosis of what's fueling our global health crisis-and offers a galvanizing and practical prescription for transformation. The more people who join in this revolution, the less heart disease, cancer, and obesity we'll see. Ocean Robbins shows us the way to a truly healthy, sustainable, and delicious food future."
    -Michael Greger, MD, New York Times bestselling author of How Not to Die
  • "Ocean's new book has a depth, spirit, and breadth of information that makes it a must read for anyone looking to up their game with the power of strong food. 31-Day Food Revolution shows how easy and delicious it can be for you to step into greater health for you and for your planet."
    -Rip Esselstyn, firefighter, triathlete, and New York Times bestselling author of The Engine 2 Diet
  • "Ocean Robbins will show you how to put an end to procrastination and start getting the results you want. His straightforward, no-nonsense approach provides a brilliant pathway to a healthier life. And his book is a pleasure to read, too!"

    -JJ Virgin, New York Times bestselling author and host of The JJ Virgin Lifestyle Show
  • "I learned so much that was new to me! This impeccably researched book made me realize that the food choices I make on a daily basis are BY FAR my biggest leverage point in making the world a better place. Ocean Robbins is probably the wisest, most brilliant, most visionary thinker I know."
    -Susan Peirce Thompson, PhD, New York Times bestselling author of Bright Line Eating and founder, Institute for Sustainable Weight Loss

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Ocean Robbins

About the Author

Ocean Robbins is the CEO and co-founder of Food Revolution Network — one of the largest communities of healthy-eating advocates on the planet. Robbins and his community of 500,000-plus members are standing for healthy, ethical, sustainable food for all. He is the grandson of the founder of Baskin-Robbins ice cream and the son of bestselling Diet for a New America author John Robbins, and has inherited his grandfather’s skill in business as well as his father’s passion to help people and our planet.

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