The Second Chance Year


By Melissa Wiesner

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In this unforgettable story full of charm, wit—and just a bit of magic—a woman down on her luck is given a second chance at fixing her life and trying one year all over again. Perfect for readers of Josie Silver and Rebecca Serle. 

Sadie Thatcher’s life has fallen apart in spectacular fashion. In one fell swoop, she managed to lose her job, her apartment, and her boyfriend—all thanks to her big mouth. So when a fortune teller offers her one wish, Sadie jumps at the chance to redo her awful year. Deep down, she doesn’t believe magic will fix her life, but taking a leap of faith, Sadie makes her wish, opens her eyes, and . . . nothing has changed. And then, in perhaps her dumbest move yet, she kisses her brother’s best friend, Jacob.

When Sadie wakes up the next morning, she’s in her former apartment with her former boyfriend, and her former boss is expecting her at work. Checking the date, she realizes it's January 1 . . . of last year.  As Sadie navigates her second-chance year, she begins to see the red flags she missed in her relationship and in her career. Plus, she keeps running into Jacob, and she can’t stop thinking about their kiss . . . the one he has no idea ever happened. Suddenly, Sadie begins to wonder if her only mistake was wishing for a second chance.
  • Book of the Month's December Add On
  • The Knot's  “The Coziest Romance Books to Snuggle Up With Fall & Winter 2023”

  • "A touch of magic and a heap of self-growth animate this sparkling and sophisticated rom-com."
    Publishers Weekly, Starred review
  • "A swoony romance with a subplot about harassment and sexism in the workplace, Wiesner's latest will resonate with every reader who's wondered, "What if?"
    Booklist, Starred review
  • "Wiesner, a top-notch storyteller, puts a fresh, fun spin on a classic set-up. A self-aware, flawed, quirky heroine--with a strong supporting cast; a slow-burning, opposites-attract romance; and well-drawn scenes that tackle issues of feminism and workplace microaggressions--makes for a delightful seriocomic read that dynamically explores the what-ifs of life."
    Shelf Awareness
  • "An ambitious woman finding her way in the world and the heart-meltingly caring man who loves her for who she is combine to make this a charming romance."
    Library Journal,
  • "Tough themes with a light touch and many winning characters."
  • "*The* book you need to read before setting your resolutions. "
    The Knot
  • "The Second Chance Year is a charmingly sweet time-loop romance about a hard yet hope-filled journey to discovering what truly matters in life, embracing your voice, and standing up for what you believe in."
    Chloe Liese, author of Two Wrongs Make a Right
  • “A sweet, smart, & satisfying romcom that addresses important issues with grace even as the characters make us laugh and fall in love right along with them."
    Sophie Sullivan, author of Ten Rules for Faking It
  • “A delightful story filled with empowered characters, lovable found family, delicious desserts, and a sweet romance, all sprinkled with a dash of magic. This book warmed my heart like a fresh-out-of-the-oven brownie!”
    Lauren Kung Jessen, author of Lunar Love
  • The Second Chance Year’s hooky premise drew me in right from the start, and kept me turning pages with its hints of magic, found family, and slow-burn yearning for the nerdy dreamboat of a hero. With equal measures sweet and bitter, Wiesner delivers an ultimately empowering journey that’s as satisfying as the protagonist’s mouthwatering pastries.”
    Anna E. Collins, author of Love at First Spite
  • "The Second Chance Year is an adorable, swoony, beautifully written romance that I devoured in a day. Full of warmth, heart (and food), I was completely charmed by Sadie and Jacob and cried all the happy tears. I didn't want it to end!"
    Catherine Walsh, author of Holiday Romance

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Melissa Wiesner

About the Author

Melissa Wiesner’s mother didn’t allow her to watch much TV as a child and instead, made her play with paint, colorful pipe cleaners, random bits of fabric, and all manner of other crafty things. This set Melissa up for a lifetime of creative pursuits, and it was only a matter of time before things took a bookish turn.

A night-owl, Melissa began writing novels when her early-to-bed family retired for the evening. She is the award-winning author of contemporary romantic comedies and emotional women’s fiction. Her work has earned praise from Kirkus, Booklist, Library Journal, and Publisher’s Weekly and has been featured in Women’s World, First for Women, and The Knot. Melissa’s romantic comedy, The Second Chance Year was a Book of the Month add-on pick. Her novels will soon be translated into a dozen languages.

Along with her charming husband and two adorable children, Melissa splits her time between the big city of Pittsburgh, PA and rural West Virginia.

You can learn more at:
Instagram @MelissaWiesnerAuthor

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