Spy in a Little Black Dress


By Maxine Kenneth

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An "inventive spy romp that's fast, playful and fun" inspired by an actual letter in the John F. Kennedy Library written by Jackie Kennedy, revealing her job offer from the newly formed CIA (Chris Ewan, author of The Good Thief's Guide to Venice).

When young Jackie Bouvier receives her second assignment from the CIA, she knows it will go better than her first. She managed to survive the Paris job-while looking her best in Givenchy, no less-but now she's completed her official CIA training. So she's excited to show her boss exactly what she can do for her country.

Her new mission: Go undercover in sultry Havana and investigate a young revolutionary named Fidel Castro. But before Jackie can infiltrate the communist cabal, she's in past her hemline in danger. In another exciting adventure, she colludes with Grace Kelly, dances with Frank Sinatra, and flirts with an up-and-coming congressman from Massachusetts.

As the international intrigue escalates, Jackie must use all her finely honed skills to stay ahead of her enemies . . . and make sure spying never goes out of fashion.

  • "SPY IN A LITTLE BLACK DRESS features an ingenious conceit, a neat line in cameos and a string of exotic locales. An inventive spy romp that's fast, playful and fun."
    Chris Ewan, author of The Good Thief's Guide to Venice
  • "It appears that there was more to [Jackie Kennedy] than just the ability to wear a pillbox hat. Just call her Jane Bond. Spy in a Little Black Dress manages to bring together a satisfying mystery and Cold War espionage with a lighthearted romance and nostalgia for the days when Havana was the place for high-rollers, mambo, and mojitos. I'm already anticipating the next book in the series."
  • "There's plenty to enjoy in this light spy caper."
  • "As a light, fun-filled spoof of the spy genre, Spy in a Little Black Dress delivers. If you're a fan of Jackie Kennedy, with a sense of humor, you'll enjoy her adventures (still as Jackie Bouvier, of course) in Cuba as a CIA agent investigating a young revolutionary named Fidel Castro who is opposed to Batista's US-backed regime."
    Historical Novels Review
  • "Pull out your little black Oleg Cassini dress and oversized sunglasses. Turn up the mambo, pour a cool minty mojito, and get ready to accompany sassy (but always chic) secret agent Jackie Bouvier on her adventures to Cold War Cuba. Spy in a Little Black Dress is an entertaining page-turner about Jackie's spy escapades before she became a Kennedy."
    Susan Elia MacNeal, author of Mr. Churchill's Secretary and Princess Elizabeth's Spy
  • "In SPY IN A LITTLE BLACK DRESS, Jackie B. is as feisty, fun and fashion-forward as she is fearless."
    J.J. Murphy, author of the Algonquin Round Table Mysteries
  • "A sexy, suspenseful, and endlessly entertaining novel that combines superior storytelling with impressive research, portraying the era, its iconic heroine, and a fascinating cast of supporting characters in a book that is clever, credible, and utterly irresistible."
    Deborah Davis, author of Strapless: John Singer Sargent and the Fall of Madame X
  • "Mix spies, gangsters, Cuban revolutionaries, a treasure hunt, and a libidinous young Jack Kennedy, shake but not stir, and you have one potent historical cocktail featuring cub reporter and CIA neophyte Jacqueline Kennedy as the appealing heroine. Let's hope Maxine Kenneth keeps Jackie's adventures coming for many books to come."
    William Dietrich, author of The Emerald Storm
  • "SPY IN A LITTLE BLACK DRESS is such a charming and engaging story that I'm hooked. Jackie makes a terrific spy-I'll follow her to Cuba, Paris...anywhere!"
    Ellen Sussman, New York Times bestselling author of French Lessons
  • "In this fun spy romp, none other than Jacqueline Lee Bouvier is graduating from college in 1951. [S]he is thrilled when [the] deputy director of the newly established CIA offers her a special assignment in Paris. Having studied at the Sorbonne, Jackie is confident and intrigued, but when a simple defection devolves into multiple murders, she calls for backup. This highly enjoyable first [novel] offers plenty of cameo appearances by luminaries of the post-WWII social and political scenes including the Duke and Duchess of Windsor, Christian Dior, and Marlene Dietrich."
    Booklist on Paris to Die For
  • "Great fun! Makes you want to buy big sunglasses and fly to Paris."
    Rita Mae Brown, New York Times bestselling author of the Mrs. Murphy mysteries on Paris To Die For
  • "JFK loved Ian Fleming's creation of James Bond so this intriguing novel may not be as far-fetched as you think."
    Kitty Kelley, New York Times bestselling author of Jackie Oh! on Paris To Die For
  • "Part mystery, part chick lit, Paris to Die For is all fun. It manages to bring together a satisfying mystery and Cold War espionage with a lighthearted romance and gushing tour of Paris. It's full of name-dropping, with cameos from Wallis Simpson to Ian Fleming to the then-unknown Audrey Hepburn, and peppered with delightful bits of pop culture. I'm already anticipating the next book in the series."
    Historical Novels Review
  • "A bold book that makes you rethink one of our most beloved 20th century American icons."
    Mark Medoff, Tony Award-winning playwright of Children of a Lesser God on Paris To Die For
  • "Paris to Die For is a frothy romp through the City of Light with a determined young Jackie Bouvier. It goes down with a tickle, like a fine champagne."
    Rebecca Cantrell, award-winning author of A Game of Lies on Paris To Die For
  • "In her last year as an editor, Jacqueline Onassis was actually working on an espionage story that intersected with her own life at key points. I can imagine her paging through PARIS TO DIE FOR with a wicked smile."
    William Kuhn, author of Reading Jackie: Her Autobiography in Books on Paris To Die For
  • "Jackie. Oh! Like never before. If you like suspense, romance, Paris, and Dior you'll love this book."
    Laurie Graff, author of You Have to Kiss a Lot of Frogs and The Shiksa Syndrome on Paris To Die For

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Oct 2, 2012
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Maxine Kenneth

About the Author

Maxine Kenneth is the writing team of Maxine Schnall and Kenneth Salikof. Ken Salikof is a special contributor to the New York Daily News‘ “Page Views,” a reviewer for Publishers Weekly, and an award-winning screenwriter (for Ernest Hemingway Slept Here). Ken has sold scripts to New World Cinema, HBO, Nickelodeon, and several independent producers and has edited many bestselling novels. Follow him on twitter at @kensalikof.

Maxine Schnall is the author of six non-fiction books and one novel, including What Doesn’t Kill You Makes You Stronger (Da Capo, 2003); the Pulitzer Prize nominee Limits: A Search for New Values (Clarkson Potter, 1982); a former contributing editor with Woman’s Day and CBS radio talk show host; and a popular media personality with six appearances on Oprah. Please visit her website at maxineschnall.com.

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