The Extreme Team: Wild Ride

Wild Ride


By Matt Christopher

Illustrated by Michael Koelsch

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Knowing that the mountain trails are unsafe for bicycles due to fallen trees and other obstacles, Jonas helps organize a clean-up crew in early spring, but when he hears someone else biking on the trail he cannot resist a ride of his own.


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Jonas Malloy blew on his icy fingertips and rubbed his hands together. Despite the bright April-morning sunshine pouring through a window, it was cold inside the Malloys' garage. But Jonas didn't care. He was busy cleaning his mountain bike to get it ready for the first ride of the season.

" 'Bout time you came out of hibernation," he said to his bike as he squatted down next to it. Arranged on the floor beside him were some clean rags, a pair of rubber gloves, a small bottle of bike-chain lubricant, and a dry paintbrush. He selected the brush first. Starting at one end, he used it to flick a winter's worth of dust and dirt from the frame and wheels.

"Want to tackle my bike next?"

Jonas looked over his shoulder. His father stood in the doorway, a big grin on his face.

Jonas jerked a thumb to where his dad's bike leaned against the wall. "Already took care of it. Anything to get us out on the trails sooner!"

Mr. Malloy's grin faded. "Jonas, I know you're anxious to do some biking. But even though you and the bikes are ready, the trails might not be. You know my rule: Until the trails are safe, no riding."

Jonas spun the bike's back wheel. "I know," he mumbled.

"Course, that doesn't mean we can't ride to the trails," his father continued with a smile. "How about we ride over after lunch and take a hike up the mountain to check things out?"

Jonas's eyes lit up. "That'd be great!" he replied. "Thanks, Dad." He held up the paintbrush. "Meantime, I'll keep cleaning my bike."


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