Brave New You

Strategies, Tools, and Neurohacks to Live More Courageously Every Day


By Mary Poffenroth, Ph.D

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A groundbreaking guide to master everyday fear and anxiety.
Mary Poffenroth, PhD, is a scientist, professor, and fear expert who has spent her career researching how we can all live more courageously, every day. With anxiety rates tripling and depression rates quadrupling since 2019, Brave New You could not be timelier as it gives readers actionable steps to navigate the underlying cause of our current mental health crisis: fear. Not fight-or-flight, but the kind of pervasive, debilitating everyday fears triggered by problems, stresses, and challenging issues we all face in our day-to-day lives.
Along with the author’s personal stories about overcoming her fears, Brave New You combines the latest research in biology and psychology to help readers identify the hidden sources of struggle while teaching them to use neurohacks that will give them all the tools and strategies they need to live a fuller, happier life.

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Oct 8, 2024
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256 pages