How to Read the Bible Like a Seminary Professor

A Practical and Entertaining Exploration of the World's Most Famous Book


By Mark Yarbrough

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Many people admire and even revere the Bible, but they simply do not understand what they read, much less how to study Scripture. Yet they wish they could. In this insightful and alternately amusing guide, Professor Mark Yarbrough shows how easy and gratifying it is to unlock the hidden truths of God’s Word and to discover a world where reading the Bible doesn’t just satisfy our curiosity, but changes our life.

To do this, the reader will step into the seminary classroom and observe the practical principles-the tricks of the trade-for becoming a more effective student of the Bible. But Yarbrough has made sure that his writing style and general approach will be appealing to both academic students and those involved in lay-level Bible study.

Real life is whacky and in-your-face. Studying Scripture should be too.

  • Following in the footsteps of Howard Hendricks, Mark Yarbrough's insightful, relevant, and many times humorous book is a Kingdom tool for comprehending-and applying-God's great Word. You will be challenged, and better equipped, to be a lifelong student of Scripture. I highly recommend this work for your church, school, ministry, or personal study.
    Tony Evans, senior pastor of the Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship and president of The Urban Alternative
  • A MUST-READ book for this generation! Never before in the history of the church in America has the study of the Scriptures been so important. Mark has absolutely nailed a long-needed exhortation to dig into The Book, but also the tools for effective digging.
    Dr. Dennis Rainey, CEO and president, FamilyLife
  • After forty years of teaching, I have now found the best introduction to the wide world of biblical interpretation. Mark Yarbrough has a gift for synthesis without sacrificing scope. HOW TO READ THE BIBLE LIKE A SEMINARY PROFESSOR will inform you and motivate you to want to study God's Word at deeper levels than ever before. I love it!
    Mark L. Bailey, president, Dallas Theological Seminary
  • This is the best book on understanding and interpreting the Bible I've ever seen. Practical, easy to understand, scholarly but accessible, and filled with insights and tools for a lifetime of knowing God through His Word.
    Chip Ingram, teaching pastor of Living on the Edge and author of Culture Shock: A Biblical Response to Today's Most Divisive Issues
  • Tragically, people in the church today do not know the Word of God-nor how to study it. We must reverse that trend. Dr. Mark Yarbrough provides us a needed model, and encouragement, for recapturing the lost virtue of effective Bible study. This book will not teach you to master God's Word, but to be mastered by it. HOW TO READ THE BIBLE LIKE A SEMINARY PROFESSOR is a tool that every Christian should have in their library.
    Will Graham, vice president of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association and executive director of the Billy Graham Training Center at The Cove

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Mark Yarbrough

About the Author

Mark M. Yarbrough serves as Vice President for Academic Affairs and Academic Dean, and as a professor in the Bible Exposition at Dallas Theological Seminary — as well as part of the pastoral teaching team at Centerpoint Church in Mesquite, Texas. A native Texan, Mark is a graduate of Dallas Christian College (DCC) and Dallas Theological Seminary (DTS). Prior to joining the faculty and administration of DTS in 2001, he served in several ministries. For ten years he served at a church in southeast Dallas as youth and preaching pastor.

After graduating from DTS, he spent several years at DCC, serving in the Bible department and part of the presidential leadership team. After transitioning to DTS and upon the completion of his Ph.D., he was appointed as Vice President for Communications. That role included an active engagement with the local and national media. Mark is a regular conference speaker and also travels internationally to teach, preach, and consult on theological education. He has been married to Jennifer, his high school sweetheart, for more than twenty years. They reside just east of Downtown Dallas in Forney, Texas and have four children: Kayla, Jacob, Kayci, and Joseph.

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