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"Kurt Schlichter's biting wit, backed with real world experience in courtrooms and war zones, lacerates an elite that has forgotten that it was granted its power to serve normal Americans, not itself. Insightful, provocative, and often hilarious, Militant Normals is a terrific explanation of our current political chaos -- and how normal Americans will prevail."—David Limbaugh, author and columnist
"Long before Don Lemon threw him off CNN, Kurt Schlichter attracted attention and denunciations for his '#caring' slogan in his cutting Tweets. Militant Normals includes the trademark pugnaciousness and acerbic wit from Kurt's Twitter feed, but it also showcases a lot more that doesn't fit in 280 characters, like substantive arguments, history and perspective that is sorely needed in our modern public discourse. You don't vent a spleen like this if you don't care deeply about something, and for all of his blistering sarcasm and sharp comebacks and deliciously condescending requests to fetch him a latte, Kurt cares about this country and its future profoundly. Kurt's fans will love it, but his foes would learn the most from this book."—Jim Geraghty, National Review
"The governing classes' worst nightmare is the voters waking up to what's been done to them. Kurt Schlichter's Militant Normals is an insightful, prescient, and frequently downright hilarious look at what's happened, and what comes next."—Glenn Reynolds, Instapundit
"Don't miss Militant Normals. You'll laugh, you'll cry (from laughing), you'll nod in enlightened recognition, and then you'll laugh some more -- and you will come to understand the 'Elite,' whether they call themselves Democrats or NeverTrump Republicans, far better than they ever will understand themselves."—Nick Searcy, Actor
"Kurt Schlichter cuts through the dense fog of the same humdrum, politically correct pundit talk and delivers a straight-forward, take no prisoners analysis of what's really going on in America. If the election of Donald Trump sent any message to the mainstream media and to the organized Left it's that the average, normal American voter is really really really pissed off. In Militant Normals Kurt Schlichter dives into that anger and explains where it came from. Schlichter also, most importantly, lays out how electing Trump was not the end of this discussion, it was the beginning. If you're looking for the same old tired and repetitive political analysis to help you fall asleep, put down this book and go on a political cruise instead."—Larry O'Connor, Radio Host
"Kurt's Schlichter's roots in Americana shine in his prose, from faith, family and patriotism to self-sufficiency, his verse on people and communities standing up for their values and their priorities veers from poetry to counter punch, making it a book that is hard to put down."—Salena Zito, author and reporter
"Kurt Schlichter has his finger on the pulse of normal Americans and his heel on the neck of the Washington/NewYork/LA liberal snob class. He's captured perfectly the sentiments of 'flyover land,' the people who make the country work and are sick of being worked by the coastal elites who look down their noses at them, and he's done it with biting humor. Read Militant Normals and learn from it because there are important lessons in there behind Kurt's snark and righteous fury."—Derek Hunter, author and columnist
"Kurt Schlichter's Militant Normals captures the ferocity and humor of his notorious Twitter feed and Townhall columns. It's fast, frightening and funny all at once as it celebrates the revolt of the people who really make America great."—Dan Bongino, media host and author
"A rallying cry for those tens of millions of Americans who would rather debate propane or charcoal grills instead of socialism or capitalism (because how on earth could there be any debate?), who stand up straight and tall at the sound of the Star Spangled Banner, and who are tired of being called a Nazi by wanna-be Bolsheviks who think they can bring down the System and build utopia on the ashes of Western civilization.
We're here, we're normal, get used to it. Americans of all shapes and sizes, colors and creeds are rising up in revolt over those self-styled 'elites' who want to eradicate your unhelpful opinions and your God-given rights, and Kurt Schlichter has written their manifesto. Anybody hoping to understand where these new Normals are coming from, and where they're going, needs to read this book."—Cam Edwards, media host and author
"Have you had it up to your keister with the Elites and their Hate America First bullying attitude while you bust your chops supporting your family? Do you despise the corrupt Mainstream Media and their daily barrage of Leftist propaganda while you're just trying to read the news? Are you sick of being challenged to an existential fight by two-bit Social Justice Warriors who can't even change a flat tire, much less load a ten-round mag? If so, Militant Normals is for you. With his trademark combination of biting wit and in-your-face wisdom, Kurt Schlichter hands out plenty of ammo to the long-suffering people of America, who have risen up to defeat Hillary Clinton, elect Donald Trump, and can't wait to confront their Elitist tormentors at last. Like the Colonel says, they want us dead or enslaved. So mount up, praise the Lord and pass the popcorn. The struggle is real."—Michael Walsh, author of The Devil's Pleasure Palace and The Fiery Angel
"A real instruction manual for our times. If you're a conservative who's either ideological or has imbibed Elite values, you really need to learn from this book."—Enter Stage Right
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Meet The Author: Kurt Schlichter

Kurt Schlichter is the Senior Columnist at, where his column appears twice a week. He is also a Los Angeles trial lawyer admitted in California, Texas, and Washington, D.C., and a retired Army Infantry colonel.

Kurt is a successful trial lawyer and name partner in a Los Angeles law firm representing Fortune 500 companies and individuals in matters ranging from routine business cases to confidential Hollywood disputes and political controversies. A member of the Million Dollar Advocates Forum, his litigation strategy and legal analysis articles have been published in legal publications such as the Los Angeles Daily Journal and California Lawyer. Kurt served as a US Army infantry officer on active duty and in the California Army National Guard, retiring at the rank of full colonel. He wears the silver “jump wings” of a paratrooper and commanded the 1st Squadron, 18th Cavalry Regiment (Reconnaissance-Surveillance-Target Acquisition). A veteran of both the Persian Gulf War and Operation Enduring Freedom (Kosovo), he is a graduate of the Army’s Combined Arms and Services Staff School, the Command and General Staff College, and the United States Army War College, where he received a Master degree in Strategic Studies. He lives with his wife Irina in California.

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Militant Normals

How Regular Americans Are Rebelling Against the Elite to Reclaim Our Democracy

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Militant Normals, written by one of the conservative movement’s wittiest commentators, is a no-holds-barred takedown of the preening elites who have all but made normalcy a crime in America.

Donald Trump is only the beginning of a mighty disruption in American politics and culture, thanks to the rise of the militant Normals in America.

They built this country, they make it run, and when called on, they fight for it. They are the heart and soul of the United States of America, They are the Normals, the regular Americans of all races, creeds, preferences, and both sexes who just want to raise their families and live their lives in peace. And they are getting angry. . .

For decades they have seen their cherished beliefs and beloved traditions under attack. They have been told they are racist, sexist, and hateful, but it was all a lie. Their ability to provide for their families has been undermined by globalization with no consideration of the effects on Americans who did not go to Harvard, and who live in that vast forgotten space between New York and Santa Monica.

A smug, condescending elite spanning both established parties has gripped the throat of the nation. Convinced of their own exquisite merit while refusing to be held accountable for their myriad failures, these elitists managed to suppress the first rumblings of discontent when they arose in the form of the Tea Party. But they were stunned when the Normals did not simply scurry back to their flyover homes. Instead, the Normals came out in force and elected Donald Trump.

Now, as the ruling caste throws everything it can into the fight to depose Donald Trump and reestablish unchallenged control, the Normals face a choice. They can either surrender their country and their sovereignty, or they can become even more militant. . .