The Oxytocin Factor

Tapping The Hormone Of Calm, Love, And Healing

Hardcover / ISBN-13: 9780738207483

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ON SALE: September 18th 2003

Genre: Nonfiction / Science / Cognitive Science


In recent years there have been exciting scientific discoveries about a powerful hormone whose role in the human body has long been neglected. Oxytocin is the hormone involved in bonding, sex, childbirth, and breast-feeding, as well as in relaxation and feelings of calm. It is the mirror image of the stress hormone (adrenaline), which triggers the “fight or flight” systems in the body. Much has been written about the latter but the many-sided importance of oxytocin is currently known only to specialists in obstetrics, physiology, and psychiatry. The Oxytocin Factor, y Dr. Kerstin UvnäMoberg, is the first book on the subject for a general audience. The new research findings, as well as the potentially beneficial applications of this hormone in reducing anxiety states, stress, addictions, and problems of childbirth, are not only fascinating but of great significance to all our lives.

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