In this erotic combination of fantasy and how-to guide, channel your passions and turn your dreams—and your partner's dreams—into reality. 

"Many people tend to think that fantasies are far-fetched and out of reach, that they are just for those girls—you know, the girls you've spent your whole life convincing others you're nothing like. Well, it's time to change our way of thinking and become more open to being just like those girls in our relationships. It's time to turn your fantasies, and your partner's fantasies, into reality, and not just on birthdays and holidays or when your man finally paints the garage. They should never be just for special occasions, but an active part of your everyday life. From this point forward, you should take a bold step, make a liberating decision. It's time to make fantasies and role-playing a regular part of your sexual agenda!" —Karrine Steffans

Some of the chapters include:
  • Defilement
  • Domination
  • The One-Man Gangbang
  • Paid Escort
  • Self-Pleasure
  • If I Have To Show You What To Do, Why Are You Here?
  • Swingers

What's Inside

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"One irresistible and unstoppable seduction... Some sketches are educational. Some are volcanic... Perspective into the mind of an absolutely fascinating woman."—Fox Studios
"Never a dull word from this girl."—Bill Maher
"Mad, bad, and dangerous to know... She's worth the risk."—NY Daily News
"Steffans has reinvented herself."—
"The Vixen Diaries gets inside her head and shows her relevance to each and every one of us."—Today's Black Woman
"Steffans ultimately blows a loud whistle on the misogyny and drug abuse that exists behind the velvet rope."—Vibe Vixen on Confessions of a Video Vixen
"The Vixen Diaries is bound to cause even more drama--just how she likes it."—King Magazine
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