If the tomb is empty, then anything is possible.

Whether you’re a new believer, a seasoned servant of the faith, or maybe you don’t know what you are, join pastor Joby Martin as he traverses the peaks and valleys of six Biblical mountains–Mount Moriah, Mount Sinai, Mount Carmel, the Mount of Beatitudes, the high mountain on which Jesus was tempted, and the Mount of Transfiguration. In scripture, these mountains are used by God for His purposes because they are where God chooses to manifest Himself. And none more so than on the seventh and final mountain where this story begins and ends: the Cross of Jesus Christ on Mount Calvary, and the empty tomb that means so much for us.

That Jesus walked out of the tomb alive, and that right this second the Son of God lives, matters for everyone who would believe it. So if the tomb is empty, what does it mean for you? The answer is clear: everything.

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